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Hi, this is me, Brianna, and today I'm bringing to you the zombie apocalypse survival guide. Me and Caine, we're fighting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Caine and I have known each other for only two months, but already we are working together, fighting together and generally surviving together. He is my age, 13, with dark brown, almost black, ruler-straight hair and grey-blue eyes. He is a skilled fighter and taught me what I needed to survive when he found me. He too bares a personal grudge against zombies as they killed his best friend and also his father.

This crap with the zombies started only two weeks after my 13th birthday. My family have a custom, you have to celebrate for a month after you become a teenager, and they were all still around when this abomination happened. I watched my parents and two siblings get ripped apart be these monsters, and I only escaped because my uncle sacrificed himself for me. He came down to the hall, distracted them and died to save me. When Caine found me hiding out in an abandoned house, he gave me supplies and medicine. Before, I was a spoilt brat who didn't know life without people waiting on me hand and foot. Now, I am a tough teenager ready to fight at a moment's notice, with the instincts of a jungle cat and the aggression too. Red-brown hair, dark eyes and a wicked temper, that's me! Now mix me and a zombie apocalypse, add Caine, bake for two months at a low temperature, and you've got yourself a zombie fight, bitches! Yeah!

'Let's kick some zombie ass!' I yell across to Caine. 'Sure thing!' He answers. We raise our weapons simultaneously, ready for anything. Slowly, dragging their feet, the group of zombies that had followed us from town make their way towards us. It looks like a lot, but it isn't really. Most of them seem to be in the end stages of the disease and are unrecognizable as human beings. But then again, they're not. We face the mass of zombies, weapons pointed forward, when there is a scream behind us. I turn, startled, and see a small group of teenagers struggling towards us. A girl has just fallen to the ground and I wonder why, when Caine shouts 'Brianna, Their attacking from both sides.' Wait, What? The new teenagers don't have any weapons and seem to be badly injured.

Oh… right. That's when I get it. They are new zombies, who still look like humans. Oh shit! The zombies in front of us are closest so I begin to help Caine take them down. For the next couple of minutes, I crush their weak skulls, smash their ribcages, and chop off limbs ruthlessly. I spin when I feel nails rake my skin, and plunge my spear into one of the new zombies' hearts. It's an awful feeling, killing this thing that still looks like me, walks like me, and breathes like me. But I know from the bite on this girls arm that she is infected, and she isn't like a person anymore. 'Brianna get over here!' Caine yells. I take down the rest of the fresh pack, and spin to Caine. I look around, and see nothing. Suddenly there is a strangled yell, and I see Caine disappearing under a sea of rotting bodies.

'Caine! Caine! Where are you man?' I yell, desperately. This guy, he has taught me how to survive, and now… he might be gone. I rush towards where I last saw him, and see his spear glint as it slashes and stabs. I smile slightly as I wade into the mass, killing these half dead beings, knowing that there is some hope for my friend. Finally I fight my way to him and stand with my back to his, storing my spear away and pulling out a short sword. Raiding that antique store was definitely a good move. He does the same and grins as he fights, his dark eyes glinting. 'No bites?' I call over my shoulder, as I slash a zombie's throat. 'Nope, I'm good', he calls back. 'We've got to get out of here! We'll be stuck here for the next couple of hours!'

I'm worried now, that we won't make it to the safe house in time. The safe house is basically an apartment with four rooms, all tiny. There's a bathroom, kitchen-diner, and two bedrooms, which is ideal since Caine and I would die if we had to share a bed. Well, he would probably be okay, but I would be bright red non-stop. Suddenly I feel a scratch across my back and gasp, worried that the cut will get infected and I will die… My sight disappears, hearing becoming fuzzy, rough hands all over me, scratching me, death groans echoing around me. And then I come to my senses. I realise that I have fallen to the ground and drag myself up, aiming my spear at the closest zombie. I stab it through the heart and whirl, doing the same to another zombie. Caine gives me a worried look as I regain my position back-to-back with him in the middle. A quick thumbs-up and he's reassured, at ease again- well, as at-ease as you can be when you're surrounded by the undead.

We have to get back to the base, but it will be impossible to escape the things following us while we are covered with the scent of blood. I'm also a danger, with an open wound and the possibility of infection, because the zombies carry around the most vile, disgusting and lethal diseases which would kill me slowly and painfully, decomposing my body from the inside. There is also the miniscule chance that I might become one of… them. I tap Caine on the shoulder, give him a nod of farewell, and run. I pass through the horde of zombies who are all focused on my shocked friend with no guilt. In this new world, it is a crime to trust without having known that person for your whole life, and even then it can be a huge risk. But really, I don't want to hurt Caine. He watched out for me, and now I'm watching out for him. He just doesn't know it yet, but if we meet again, and I am alive, and not an enemy, Caine and I could be more than friends. If I find help, a sanctuary, someone to give me the life-saving medicine I need to survive my wound, I will find him, and things will be different, I hope.

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