Feeling the sun on my face,

I turned and opened my eyes,

Stretched out my arm, to feel you there,

Then suddenly, I realised.

It had happened so quickly,

I remembered the day,

I had to be told you were gone.

The carpet of my life,

Was pulled away,

Leaving me threadbare and unravelling alone.

Drifting through days,

Like a ghost in a land,

Not part of the world that was alive,

I would haunt all the places,

That we used to visit,

Just to watch the people go by,

Thinking of how,

It might've been,

If you were here right now.

Now I am old,

I've managed to continue,

Trickling down life's stream.

I'm nearly at,

The end of the cycle,

On the horizon is the sea.

Before I get there,

I want you to know,

Wherever you may be,

That I have loved you,

Will always love you,

Forever, you and me.