I'm agnostic but I felt inspired to write this in a very religious way. I'm not really sure what it is either. Anyway I hope you enjoy it :) Vixen x

I wake at evening.

The sky is a pale swirl of calming colours: palest purple; pearl-like pink; and softest blue.

I'm beneath a tall oak tree. It's swaying. Very softly.

It has rained.

The air smells fresh and clean. It's been washed by the rain-clouds.

Like God's garden.

The sun is a golden sliver on the horizon. Slowly – very slowly – slipping out of view.

Mountains frame the setting.

A sea of flowers shiver in the breeze. A unified wave of colour.

Now-white clouds glide across the atmosphere. Drawing back like curtains on a spectacle.

It is revealed.

The perfection of the world.

In its simplicity.

There is no machine, no artificial thought, no complication, no worry.

Merely life.

Passing with time.

Streaming past.

A feather drifting along a river.

So fragile.

So beautiful.

So unaware of its path.

It will end.

But in this moment...beauty is real.

Not the human definition – only the world's definition.

Timeless beauty.

I feel privileged.

He taps my shoulder.

I don't look.

I stand and he stands beside me.

I take his hand.

We walk towards the horizon.

His wings brush the ground.

As we walk, I can feel the world around holding me. Carrying me.

Tears slip down my face and the angel kisses me. Now I look at his face.

Did God send you? I whisper. Yes, he says, He told me to tell you He loves you, just as I do.


No, he says, He loves you and He always will, you are His creation and you are beautiful.

He kisses me again. The sun is gone now, the end of a day.

We keep walking.

He holds my hand again.

I'm scared, I whisper.

Don't be afraid, he says, I'm here, I will always be here, forever.

But what about when I wake up? I say.

I will still be here, you won't see me but you can trust me. I'll always hold your hand. I'll carry you. We will always be together.

And when I die?

I'll carry you to a new world, and we will start again. And again. And again.

We stopped.

Another tree.

I love you, he says. Sleep well.

He kisses me one last time.

I lay beneath the tree and he sits beside me.

Slowly, my eyes close, his face clear in my mind.

I awaken.