This is my first story every on here, I hope you guys like it

There he was.

The boy who held my heart.

The boy, who was right now, kissing the slut.

The head cheerleader.

And I was cast aside, like yesterday trash. But who can blame him. I was plain, shy, a nerd, and yet I gave myself to him. He fed me lies and like the innocent girl I was, fell and I fell hard for him. Once he got he wanted, he left, but not before he told me about the bet.

Supposable, he made a bet with the whole the football team that he couldn't get me to sleep with him; I guess he proved them wrong, huh?

I didn't find it funny, but he did.

So every time I see him in the halls I would run in a different direction. It worked, I never saw him and he never saw me. Graduation was right around the corner and I was the valedictorian so I had to give a speech.

I had only two weeks before I went off to Yale.

I was going to study space engineering and go to NASA. I always wanted to visit the moon. It was one of the dreams I told him. He'd asked one time what was my dream and I told him, then in return he told me that he wanted to play in the big leagues.

I held in my tears, I didn't want him to see me weak. So I walked in a different way and saw one of my closest friends. Ally.

I met her in pre-school and have been close ever since. I told her what happen between him and I. She flipped but once I told her not to say anything she calmed down a bit. She's been protective of me ever since. She smiled at me and looked behind me and narrowed her eyes at the two figures behind me, she put her arms on my shoulder.

"Come on, lets go" And led me to the parking lot. I felt a bit dizzy; I stopped walking and put my hand on me forehead to make my head from spinning; it wasn't working. Ally stopped too.

"Bells, what's wrong?" She looked worried.

"I…I don't…I don't feel so good". And then I saw darkness.


When I was waking up I heard beeping noise and whispers. I opened my eyes slowly and was met with my parents, my triplet older brothers, and Ally. They looked like they haven't been sleeping.

"Hi" I croaked. My mom was the first to react. She hugged me and cried.

"Oh, honey I thought you would never wake up". The eldest of the triplets came and ruffled my hair.

"Great to see you wake Bells" He croaked, He looked like he had been crying. The other two nodded their heads in agreement. My dad looked so sad and Ally looked like she wanted to cry. I frowned.

"What's wrong with you guys?" I asked them. They looked down, trying to avoid me, and then the Doctor walked in.

"Ah, I see you're awake Miss. Chase." He looked at my family, "So I'm assuming that you haven't told her". They nodded their heads. My dad spoke.

"I'll tell her" He whispered softly and walked and sat on my bed. I was a little scared. He cleared his throat.

"Honey, we just found out why you were vomiting in the mornings" My eyes went wide. Oh no, could I? I know that he used protection, but if I were? No I'm going to let him keep talking.

"Really?" I said, he nodded.

"And the headaches, and the abnormalities in your vision. Honey…you have Brain Cancer".

I looked at him like he had gone mad then I looked at the rest of them. I didn't notice or feel my tears but they must have seen it because they were trying to cheer me up.

It wasn't working.

My doctor told me that I have to come here every week to determine how serious this is. I went home with my bag of pills, in case the pain came back. I told them that I was going to bed. My mother said that I wasn't going to school tomorrow. Once I was inside I locked it and went to the restroom.

I turned on the lights and saw myself in the mirror. What I saw there shook me to the core. I saw a thin, pale teenage girl with haunted eyes. Her hair was oily and matted. I went to reach her. I saw tears in her eyes, my tears. I felt numb. Then I thought back when I was really happy. That was when I was with him. He made me so happy that I thought I was on cloud nine. Then he brought me back to reality.

Anger shook my body; I loved him and I thought he did as well, but that was a big ol' lie.

"What did I ever do to deserve this? What did I do?" I asked to myself, my voice croaked. I slid to the floor and cried into the night.


Over the next three days, I was writing my speech when I heard my cell phone ring. I reached for it and without looking at the caller id I answered, thinking it was Ally.


"…" No answer.

"Is there anyone there?"

"…" Once again, no answer; I got annoyed.

"Look if you're not going to say anything, then don't bother calling anymore, now I'm going to hang up now and if you call again I will report this number to the police, now goodbye!" Then I hung up.

The person never called again


I was over at the hospital, waiting for the test results. My family and Ally were there; giving me support. My mother was hugging me and whispering that it was going to be okay. I knew that she was lying, but I didn't say anything. Then the doctor came in, he looked no older than 22 or 23 years old; must've studied really hard to get where he's at right now. Anyway, he was really cute. He had dirty blond hair, greenish grayish eyes and he had dimples when he smiled. He was very well built; when he moves his arms, they flexed. He stood 6'4 as I stood about 5'6. You could say that he was one of those sweet momma boys.

"Alright Isabella, I got your test" He waved the paper in his hand. I nodded, letting him know that he can continue. He nodded and looked at them. He looked up and smiled sadly. "The cancer is far too advance; you only have six months up to a year to live".

I choked on a sob that was stuck in my throat. My mother hugged me harder, crying her eyes out. Dad silently cried with the triplets and my best friend cried her heart out. I knew that they can't live in a lie anymore.

They had to step into reality, and see that life is not always fair.


As weeks past, I got worse and sicker. The school and teachers knew what was going on so if I am absent, they know why. I was opening my locker; school was over and I was putting my books away, I heard someone clear their throat, I turned and saw Him. He had his hand in his pocket; his shirt clung to his body showing off his muscles. His hair was styled and gelled up. His green jaded eyes looked at me.

"Hi" He said gentle. I turned around and shoved the rest of my books in my locker and closed it. I picked up bag and walked away. I only took a couple of steps before he talked again.

"Can we talk?" I stopped; I didn't turn around, but I spoke.

"There's nothing to talk about. You got what you wanted didn't you? Why talk to me? You got a girlfriend, go talk to her…and please leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you. You sicken me; you and your little posse. If you want an easy fuck go with your girlfriend because that night was the first and last you ever going to use me. Get what I'm saying? Remember; you rather be caught dead before you went out with a wimp like me, let alone talk to me". I said angrily and walked away.

He didn't move from his spot.

He stood there with tears in his eyes.


Graduation day.

I was pale as snow. I was seated in my signed seat. My hair was falling out so I had no choice but to put on a wig that my mom bought for me. My hands were shaking. My nervous system was falling; I wanted to cry out in pain since my head was pounding against my skull. Ally was next to me; she knew I was in pain and was trying to distract me but she knew it wasn't working.

Nothing was.

When the principle said my name I shakily stood up, and slowly walked up to the stage. I heard his girlfriend whisper to her friend.

"Look at that loser, I bet she's one of those people that throw up every time she eats. She looks like it, man what a loser" She laughed her high pitch laugh that makes you want to cover your ear.

When I got in front of everybody, I cleared my throat and began my speech.

In the middle of my speech, my vision began to go in and out of focus, I close my eyes and shook my head and continued. Then at the end of my speech everyone threw their hats in the air, and I fell to the ground.

I heard Ally and my parents call out my name, but before everything went dark I saw the only face that I never wanted to see again in my life.

I saw his face before everything went black.


I was in the hospital…again.

I was getting sick of this place.

If I was going to die anytime soon, I was going to die in my own bed with the comfort of my things surrounding me.

I looked around and looked at my family and Ally's family looking at me sadly and I knew…

I knew I was getting worse.

The doctor came into my room and sadly smiled at me, "I'm sorry to say this but your condition is getting worse and if it is continuing to do so, I'm afraid that I have no choice but to ask you to stay here until your final days". Mom let out a loud sob as my dad held her, my brothers wiped away the tears they had. Ally cried softly as her parents held her. I shook my head.

"No, if I'm going to die, I want to die in my room with all my things. I don't wan to die in this stupid hospital…no offense". I croaked softly. The doctor looked hesitant but nodded.

"Alright, I'll let you go back home. Oh…um I hear that you graduated…congratulation. So what college did you get into?" He asked as he removed all the wires I was attached to.

"Yale…my dream school" I whispered softly, sadly. He nodded and helped me stand up,

"I'm sorry you won't be able to go to the school you wanted to go". He said. I smiled.

"It's okay and thanks, you didn't have to say those nice things to me" I laughed a bit, he smiled sweetly.

"You should smile more often, you have a beautiful smile" I looked at him in shock then I looked down and blushed. No one ever said that to me before, not even him.

"That's sweet of you to say; but like I said you didn't have to" I whispered.

He just smiled.


As months went on, so did my life on earth.

The doctor came almost everyday just to check up; but for some reason I felt like he came here for another reason…oh well.

"Hey there" he greeted me; I smiled as best I could.

"Hey" I said. He took a sit next to me on the bed.

"So how are you feeling today?" He asked as he took out what he needed to do a check up. I coughed harshly and cleared my throat.

"Same, last time I checked" I hoarsely said, He nodded grimly.

"Alright take a deep breath…breath in…breath out" I did as I was told. As I breathe out I started to cough harshly and hardly. My hands started to shake.

I knew I wasn't going to last long.

And I had a gut feeling that I was going to leave pretty soon of this life.

"Can you call my parents?" I asked him as soon I stopped. He nodded and left the room. I started to get comfortable. I was going to go pretty soon. My parents entered, looking at me softly.

"Yes honey, you needed something?" My dad asked.

"Yeah…I need you to call Ally. I think my time here is up" I said calmly. Mom had tears running down her face.

"Alright, I'll call her" He said and left the room. I just looked around my room; I was going to miss my room…

"Bells, why do you want her here?" Mom asked. I smiled sadly.

"Because I want all the people that care about me to be here with me". I stated.


It was the middle of the night when she past away.

Her family cried their eyes out as well with Ally's family.

The funeral arrangement was finally planned. They were going to bury her body today.

They never thought that she was going to past away so easily, but she did.

Once they buried her they went back home. Then all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Ally said she would get it and once she opens the door she was him standing there with a single white rose, Isabelle's favorite. He cleared his throat.

"Hi Ally, is Bell here?" He asked softly; she scoffed harshly.

"Why do you care? I know what you did to her you lying son of a bitch! Why don't just go home, you got a girlfriend don't you?" She asked, he shuffled his foot against the ground.

"I just want to talk to her, Ally. Where is she?" He asked her, he didn't want to fight with her but if she's in the way from talking with Bell then he will fight. She looked at him then she stepped outside and shut the door. She walked to her car. He looked at her funny, she looked back at him.

"Follow me in your car, I'll show you where she is" She said calmly. He nodded and walked back to his car and followed her.

He was going to regret what he did to her.


They drove up to the cemetery. He was confused as to why Bell was here? She got out of the car with in tow. She walked up to a hill and he followed, maybe they'll get that talk he wanted in the first place, he wanted to tell her that he was so sorry and that she didn't deserve what he did to her. He also wanted to tell her that he loves her, with all his heart and that he regrets ever doing what he did to her.

She stopped and looked down, he stopped and looked around.

"Where is she?"

"Down here" she whispered, He went around her and saw nothing accept a tomb stone.

With her name on it.

He looked at Ally, "Is this some sort of a sick joke? Where is she Ally?" He almost yelled out. She laughed sadly.

"She had brain cancer, she was dying and she died not too long ago. She didn't deserve this, none of it" She paused for a moment then continued, "She loved you, know that right? You don't deserve her. I wish you two never met and I also wished she never fell in love with you. I hope you got what you wanted, 'cus I know she didn't. I want to blame you so badly, but I know that you didn't cause the cancer, but there is one thing I can blame you on…I can say that she died of a broken heart and it's all because of you…YOU AND YOUR FUCKING LITTLE POSSE! I HOPE YOU GOT EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WISH FOR JOHNNY!" She started to shake and cry; "Because I know she didn't" She said and ran back to her car. He just stood there, He didn't want to believe it, he couldn't it but here she was, buried six feet under. He fell to his knees and shook out a sob.

No…he didn't

He didn't get everything he wanted at all.