Once, I was just any average girl. I was no different than the girl walking on the street, or the girl complaining about her homework. I was normal. I wasn't one of the freaks you read about in Sci Fi fictions. I was human, just an ordinary girl with ordinary problems. Now, I'm alien to the world you all know and love. I am different. I have been for three years. I am now an eighteen year old girl with more than she can handle daily. That would be my best of days. I have a deep secret that I hesitate now to even tell you. I know more than any have dreamed. I've seen more than the darest of explorers. I have felt more than the most emotional of people. You cannot even begin to imagine the horrors, the pain of my life.

I will start from the beginning, on the day that was destined to change my life forever.

"Lydia, Lydia! Wake up!"

I groaned as the sound of my mother's voice rang down the hall to my room. I was tempted to throw my pillow over my head like an immature child, but I had to get to school today. With all the tests I have to take, there's no way I'm skipping out.

"Lydia Jane West, get out of bed now!" My mother, Emma West, was a big-time lawyer with little time on her hands. She was always on the phone with a client, or in meetings, or in court. Right now, she was impatient with me.

I groaned again and hauled myself out of bed. I called out to her that I was up and turned my stereo on. The calming sound of Airplanes by B.O.B got me motivated. I yanked the brush through my hair while I looked for some clothes. Unlike most people my age, I don't flaunt my stuff or whatever people call it. Black jeans and a deep purple long sleeve is more my style. No, I am not goth to those of you who jump to conclusions. I just prefer the darker colors. I threw my medium- brown shoulder blade length hair up in a ponytail and grabbed my bathroom bag to brush my teeth. I was down in ten minutes. Mom was on the phone with some one from work, but breakfast was ready and waiting. Even though she worked hard and long, Mom and I were still very close. She got a lot done for me even with her hectic schedual. I don't know what I'd do without her. Nobody else understood how I could get along with my mom so well, but it didn't phase me a bit.

"Uh huh, yes. No I won't accept that! My client will only take two million dollars. Well it is her right. I'll see you in court," She snapped her cell shut and shook her head in annoyance. I resisted the urge to laugh and busily ate my bacon.

Mom sighed and poured herself a cup of coffee before taking a seat next to me, "You ready for your finals?"

I nodded, wishing they were already over, "Ready as I'll ever be. I've studied myself dry. I don't think I have any more brain power left."

She smiled and sipped her coffee, "I'm so proud of you for your hard work. Most kids your age would just put their studying off until the last day, but you studied hard all week."

I blushed from the praise. I never took compliments well, "Gee, thanks Mom," I glanced at the clock and sighed, "Speaking of which, I better go," I took my plate to the sink, kissed my mom on the cheek and grabbed my back before walking the short distance to the school building. My mind was on the tests ahead. I wasn't paying attention as I neared the red brick building and I bumped into someone.


I fell back, my bag falling to the ground. When I landed, I felt a sharp pain shoot up my spine. My mouth opened to a silent scream. I tried to turn over, but my feet wouldn't move. I panicked, trying to move my legs. There was absolutely no feeling whatsoever! Have I gone parylized? I tried desperately to move my legs, but I couldn't. I looked around for some help, but there was no one around! This was impossible! There should be teens and teachers everywhere at this time. Where was everyone? And why did this have to happen when I was in this situation?

I growled at my ironic luck and struggled to move. I forced myself to sit up with my arms and pinched my leg. Nothing. I bit my lower lip hard, trying to force back my frustrated tears. Why was this happening to me? I looked around again for the person who knocked me over, but the jerk must have fled. If I ever find out who it was I'll...

You'll what? I growled at myself, You can't even move!

I lied back slowly, not wanting to land on the sharp object again, and sighed. Maybe if I stay calm, I'll figure something out.

A sudden wave of drowsiness washed over me and I nearly succumbed to sleep. I forced my eyes open. No, you can't fall asleep in this situation!

It came again, this time stronger. What was happening? My head fell to the side and my eyelids drooped. Even breathing felt like work. I tried my best to stay consious, but it was nearly impossible. The third wave was just too much, and I slipped into unconciousness.

Not so sure about this one, but I hope you like it. This is just the beginning. The other chapters will be much longer.