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I awoke in a daze. My head felt like a pillow had been stuffed inside and there was a ringing in my ears. I couldn't move my body or open my eyes. I was concerned when my pulse didn't pick up from panic. My heart should be racing right now. I listened intently through the ringing, trying to pick up anything. Somehow, that seemed to make it louder. I knew I was frustrated, but I didn't feel any physical reaction in my body. It was like I wasn't in my body so to speak. I could still think in my mind, but my body was completely gone to me. If only I could see it so I knew it was still there. For a moment, I wondered if I was dead. That definately should have gotten my pulse racing, but of course, it didn't. I wanted desperately to open my eyes, but I couldn't feel my eyelids to do it. There was nothing.

I sensed a strange presence. I didn't feel it, I just somehow knew there was a presence near me. There seemed to be sounds as well, not like audible noises, but more like the sound having a song stuck in your head, but you can't remember the lyrics. It felt like it was coming from in my mind. I tried hard to focus on it, but I couldn't make it out. I waited, because there wasn't anything else I could do at the moment. The sound grew louder and I could pick up bits of words here and there. I focused on it again, concentrating.

"Fate... love... find yourself... seek... justice... chosen."

I could only make out a few words, but there was definately something going on. I tried to listen more, but it stopped. I would have sighed if I was able to do so. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to feel or move your own body. If you don't believe me, you should do something to try it out. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just waited for something to happen. I half- expected a white light or something to show up in front of me, but it didn't. My awareness began slipping, which would frighten me awake on normal occasions. However, this was not, so I only drifted again.

My eyes opened wide and I took in a deep breath. I could feel the air around me, the hard ground beneith me. I could hear and see the worried faces around me. I could feel the pain in my back. I groaned and tried to sit up, but a hand held me in place, "No Lydia, just wait for the ambulance. It's almost here," I could hear the voice of my Algebra teacher, Mr. Hemmings, but it sounded muffled and distant.

"A-ambulance?" I mummbled, trying to remember what had happened.

"Just be still and rest. You were unconcious and not breathing. We were all worried about you," He sounded worried, like he had witnessed a death or something.

My mind spun, I was unconcious and no breathing? Was my concern true? Had I actually died? I thought about the voice or whatever in my mind, I could remember that clearly, but I couldn't remember anything else.

I heard a siren in the distance and tensed, how bad am I? What happened? My pulse picked up, which was a good sign. I began to hyperventilate until my mind was fuzzy and I was out again.


Something you must understand is that the world humans know is quite small in comparison to other realms in existance. There is Morlanti, our realm, the larger Vorgaldo, Burlindis, Simini, Johis and Muradis. Each realm is the flipside of another. Vorgaldo is the darker side of the more peaceful Simini. Burindis is the more chaotic side of the orderly Johis. Each realm is the natural opposite of it's flipside. Even so, each have a sort of connection to eachother that no one fully understands. Morlanti is the Muradis word for "Mortal" Muradis, meaning "Great Power". The beings of Muradis have abilities that no mortal could ever experiance. These two are the most interesting realms. They have a connection far more physical than any other in existance. Do not fret, this shall all make sense in time. For now, I shall show you the Muradis side of my story.

Muradis is a place where there is a lot of connection to a being's inner self. This is beyond the mind and body. This is strictly one's personality. This is where Morlanti's and Muradis's connection lies. The life planet in Muradis, Whenta, is full of beings that fully understand to communicate in ways that no human would understand. However, very few Whentanians can accomplish this task. Only those who have been born with this ability is able to communicate with the inner self. This may not seem like a very interesting power to a human's mind, but it is nearly royalty to the beings of Whenta. There are many abilities that humans would think closer to royalty that they have. Those born with heightened senses, such as enlarged nostrils. eyes or ears, become hunters. Those born with the ability to mend a being's flesh become healers. Those born with strength and stamina beyond normal comprehension, become guardians.

There was one being, however, that was born with four of these ablilities. His name was Rokin. He was like a god to the beings of Whenta. However, the other realms, besides Morlandi, saw him as a threat. He was forced to flee to Morlandi until the problem was controlled. When he returned, nearly a year later, he was killed. His name remains legendary. Remember this, for it will be important later on.

For now, we shall visit a young male in Muradis by the name of Lidano. Despite the fact that he lives on a small island by the name of Yantis, he is of utter importance to this story. He alone, is the key to the deep, unkown connection to Morlanti.

"Are you certain?" The high general of Yantis asked with uncertainty. He was one of the most highly ranked generals of the island. The generals are first ranked by their born abilities, and then on their commitment. He, himself, has enhanced sight, smell and hearing. At the moment, this did not help him understand the decision that the Lady Ruler Natri has come to.

She nodded softly. Her pearly skin was rough, like all of the beings of Muradis. She gazed at the sky, the three moons shining brilliantly, "There has been a sign. The youngest son of the great general Tuhas is destined to seek out the girl."

The high general puffed his large, dark-grey chest out. He had wanted all his life to be sent to retrieve the chosen girl from the prophecy, but as it turns out, he was to retrieve someone else to seek out the girl. This had not pleased him. However, it was not his place to speak out to the Lady Ruler, and agreed with little hesitation.

Natri waved a hand, dismissing him to his mission. He turned to leave with a slight heaviness to his step. She did not neglect to notice this, but did not say anything on the matter. The real importance, was finding the boy. It was long past time for justice. The murder of the great Rokin was a devestating time. Now, the prophecy states that history will repeat itself. The strange thing was, that the new being to take his place, was mortal. She had been bewildered by the propfecy, but none the less carried it out as the ruler duty.

It only took about a half an hour in Morlanti time for the high general to bring back the boy. He was young, about fifteen Morlanti years. There was confusion written all over his face.

"You are Lidano, am I correct?" Natri asked softly.

He nodded slowly, shifting uneasily.

She turned her back to him and looked out at the sky again, "I understand you have studied the ways of the Morlanti people, and have no parents to guide you. I am sorry for this," She looked back at him, a shadow of sorrow cast over him, "I apologize for my forwardness, but would like to ask something of you. You understand the prophecy of Rokin?"

He nodded, every muscle in him tense. He could already tell what was being asked of him.

"I have seen a sign. You, young one, have been chosen to retrieve the young girl of the prohpecy. I need you to travel to Moraldi and find her. A message has already been sent to her, but she is weak. You will have to guide her and prepare her. Take caution. We all know how closed- minded the Morlanti people are, and have isolated themselfves from the other realms. Do you understand what I am asking you?"

He stood up straight with pride, "Yes Lady Ruler. I will not let you down."

She smiled in response, "Good. Now go! We have little time."


The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me. He said that there was no brain damage, so I must not have died. Even the pain in my back was gone. Even so, he ordered that I get at least a day of rest. Mom had taken me home and sent me straight to bed. She had arrived at the hospital like a wild woman until the doctor calmed her down. I didn't say anything to her about it or even argue about going to bed. I was actually grateful, wanting some time to think about my experiance.

Had I shared it with the world? Oh yea, 'cause everyone knew how common it is to not be able to feel your own body and hear voices in you head!

Actually, no. I did't tell anyone. I just said that I don't remember anything, which worried Mom even more.

I was now lieing in my bed, thinking of the whole series of events. Especially the voice. What was that all about? Was I losing it? I rolled over, burying my face in my pillow. Why was this happening to me? Cant everything just be normal?

Suddenly, the drowsiness came again. This time, I fought it harder. It took about two more times to actually put me under. I returned to the no-feeling state. This time, I didn't try to figure out what was happening. I just waited for it to be over and hoped this wouldn't happen often.

I heard the sounds again, and tried to ignore them. However, this time, they seemed louder and more like words.

"Go to the woods... wait for him... all will be revealed... the answers you seek... go"

I came to quickly, and didn't feel the sick, mind- spinning feeling I had before. I wasn't sure what to make of the voice, but for some reason, I listened. How it would know what 'answers I seek' I don't know, but I responded anyway. My window is facing a small chunk of forest beside my house. I grabbed a hoodie and slipped out quietly. The noon sun beating down on my eyes. I walked slowly into the small area into the trees. I was hesitant and a little afraid. This was something that I didn't understand, but my deep instincts told me that I had to continue. It was like an invisible rope was pulling me in.

I stopped when I'd come to the middle of the trees, just barely hidden from my house and the passing cars nearby. I was trembling with excitement, not even sure what to expect.

Let me tell you, a teenage boy was definately not it.

My shoulders sagged and I nearly pouted. Please tell me that he isn't what I came out here for, that something amazing was supposed to happen and he ruined it.

He was about a foot taller than me with pale skin and blonde hair. He moved closer to me hesitantly, looking at me like I was familiar to him. I didn't neglect to notice that his eyes were an odd silver either.

He stopped about two feet from me and stood straight, "Lydia West?"

I was a bit startled that he knew my name, but like the idiot I am, I responded, "Yes."

He relaxed a bit and moved closer to me. I would have moved away under normal circumstances, but my feet wouldn't cooperate. I tensed when he grabbed my wrist, but that was all. Why can't I control my own body? He turned my hand over to reveal the birthmark on my wrist. It was a strange, pink ring surrounding six dots. Mom never got over how flawless it was, but we never thought it would have a meaning. His silver eyes met mine and I felt an odd bolt of electricity run through me. His eyes were kind, but with a hard edge to them, "You have much to learn. But you must keep an open mind."

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I agreed none the less. He turned his back on me and waved his hand in the air. My eyes widened as a screen appeared out of nowhere. It was about as tall as him and three times as wide, a perfect rectangle. He turned back to me and jerked his head, silently asking me to enter.

Again, I don't know why I did . My body had a mind of its own at the moment. It was a strange feeling, walking through the screen. There was no temperature or resistance. It was like there was no feeling, but because I saw the change I expected a feeling. It was odd.

Behind this strange screen, it was a whole new world. Like on movies when a person is standing in space, looking at the planets. However, I wasn't looking at planets, I was looking at an enlarged version of my birthmark! There was an odd, pulsing ring around six, small circles aligned in two rows of three. I wasn't sure what it was, but it was beautiful.

"This is a model of the six realms," He pointed at the upper left circle, "That is your realm. Morlanti," He pointed to the one next to it on the right, "That is Muradis, the realm I am from. You mortals are one sixth of a whole. We are all connected by the power ring around us. Your world and my world are connected more deeply, but that is more complex. I do not have time enough to explain everything to you, but I would like to ask that you to come with me to Muradis. There, my Lady Ruler Natri will explain everything to you."

He waited for my reply. I was overwhelmed and slightly concerned that this was either a dream or drugs. Either way, I was still curious. It couldn't hurt to hear him out. I have a pretty open mind. I nodded slowly and hesitantly, but that seemed enough for him. He snapped his fingers and we were back in the woods. I felt lightheaded, and my knees were wobbly. A strange thing, even though I don't know what this is exactly I was still craving to go to this place he mentioned. It was like I was looking for something and he was pointing me in the right direction. He took my hands and closed his eyes. I did the same, not because I wanted to, but because I hadn't yet regained control of my body yet.

I felt lightweight, as if I was floating. Then I felt like I was moving faster and faster, yet there was no adrenaline or any physical feeling at all. There was so much strange activity going on with my body it's not even funny. Suddenly, there was nothing. When I opened my eyes again, I was lieing down. Strange, greenish lights above me. I didn't know what to think. I had never been here before. The walls were an odd shade of brown- red, like I was in a clay hut. Even stranger, I could see the particles in the clay it was made from! I could smell the sharp, dry odor. I could hear the air moving. Was I dreaming?

"Welcome Ashimi."

I know, it's confusing, but I'm working on it I promise.