All my life has been nothing but pain,
I cry tears of despair, standing in the rain.
I've been abandoned, betrayed, all the above.
Never once peace, never once love.

Now the pain has become too great,
it mocks me with joy, as I glare at it with hate.

All whom I thought were preciously dear,
They didn't listen to me, they covered their ears.

I tried reaching out with words to say,
Yet they all turned away.

I tried to find my voice, I tried to speak,
But nonetheless, it was a freight.

I fought a fierce battle, giving it my all,
Yet in the end, I turned out hurt and small.

If I were to disappear, no one would care,
They will not stop to remember the girl with short hair.

My existence was meaningless from the beginning,
Never went a day, where'd you find me singing.

Singing a song where I'm filled with joy,
All I sing is sadness, something to destroy.

I'm happy I was sent an angel though,
But I cannot keep her from living her life, fighting my foes.

I've been a burden to all, leaving me with one final call.

I think enough is enough,
I know what I must do.
I take the gun that can even sore through bulletproof.

I point it towards my head, closing my eyes.
In my final hour, I will not cry.

For I leave this World, pull the trigger, and say...

"Good-Bye malice world, I leave peacefully today."