Hey! This is my first FictionPress story. Ive wrote some FanFiction storys but their not that good...Well, I guess I should get started :)


During a time when the Human race ruled the world and all other races were hated, a group of misfortunate kids will have to make the stand to save a world that hates them.


The mother smiled at the small baby in her arms.

"Isn't he beautiful?" she murmured to the doctor, her pointed ears peaking out from beneath her long brown hair.

"Miss I'm so sorry..." the human doctor muttered to the elven mother. She was one of the rare elves that the humans allowed to live. He had always enjoyed the elves company, but his race was to stuck up to even look at the amazing qualities the elves always contained.

"What? Why would you be sorry?" the elfs voice rose in fear. They had told her that she would have a boy. Which meant there would be a spot for him in the lumber buisness, cutting trees. It was a horrid buisness, but at least he would continue to live. She would never understand why they had brought the elves back to a thriving population along with unicorns, griffins, pixies, fairies, and many more just to kill them of when they grew fearful of the power these creatures held. Very few of every population were still alive.

"Its a girl, not a boy"

Her heart dropped. It couldn't be, they hadn't built her hopes up so this would happen.

"No. No. NO! There must be something! Anything! Its gotta be better than dea-"

"-trust me, you wouldn't want her to go through it,"

"What is it?" Could it be? No, not to her precious little baby. She looked down at the small girl in her arms. Blonde hair that framed the small babies face. Small arms grasping at her mothers arms. Cries that would brake your heart if you knew you would have to let her go. Pointed ears poking out from beneath her blond hair.


"Kill her," the mother ansered him instantly. Tears ran down her cheaks for her small child.

The doctor pulled out a syringe from one of the drawers. Placing it gently against the girls neck, "Its for her own good,"

The doors flew open, causing the doctor to freeze. Two men strode in dressed in white garments. One had brown hair and the other had black. The brown haired one was hold a chain that was connected to a small black haired human child, that had to be around two years old, neck. Tears streamed down her face when she caught sight of the young child in the elf mothers arms.

" Grab the kid Katie," the black haired man ordered. The young girl, Katie, stumbled towards the elven baby. Stretching her arms towards the baby the girl looked into the mothers eyes.

" Its okay, I'll take care of her. Whats her name?" before the mother could answer, Katie was yanked towards the door.

"Altha! Her name is Altha!" Then the door was shut.


The young girl looked up out the window. Is it really possible that this world had more people like her? She had never seen anyone like her before. Her only memory from her mother was a tear stained face begging to someone. That was it. Her entire life she was told that her race was a disgrace. Why? What did they do? Every once in a while she would see a creature that wasn't normal. It was like her, not wanted. Together, me and every other mystical creature in the world made up a group, we were the unwanted.