Hey my dear readers that probably do not exist! :D I am here to say that I am here to update my newest story! I actually wasn't planning on finishing it since I thought this is a horrible idea (Ya I have no self esteem;)) but when I put a poll up awhile back someone asked me to continue it… so ya

On to the story!


The light coming through the tiny window wasn't the usual light from the moon. This light bounced of the walls and onto the beds in a swirl of fiery colors.

My heart reached out to the strange light surrounding me. It was like I knew the strange being that caused the light. Maybe I did, I didn't know. For all I knew, this could be those idiot scientists new experiment.

My eyes drifted to the beds around me. Four. I counted the heads I saw in the beds. Four. Maybe I was actually seeing this without interference from those idiot scientists.

Suddenly I heard a soft song drifting through the window. I felt my feet move and then I was staring into the brilliant amber eyes of a flaming bird.

My dream ended when I felt a pillow hit me with enough force to cause me to fly out of the bed. The twins were up.

The sound of my body hitting the ground caused all movement to cease in the room. I lifted my small body from the floor and glared at everyone in the room.

The room that is usually separated by a sheet hanging down the middle of it, was currently in a mess. The twin sized beds that were on the girls half of the room, were pushed onto there sides to protect the four girls behind them from an onslaught of pillows form the other side of the room.

My gaze shifted to the other side that was still normal looking except for the absence of the pillows and some blankets form the five beds that the boys usually slept on. The door to the bathroom was propped open by one of the missing blankets, and inside I could see none other than Leo hiding behind the door.

"What the hell is going on here!?" My voice echoed throughout the quite room.

Now you should know a few things. 1. Never mess with my sleep time, I will probably want to kill you. 2. Putting a bunch of kids in a room that they have to share and only one bathroom is a horrid idea. 3. The door just got knocked down.

Ok, it didn't get knocked down, it just got slammed open with extreme pressure. That 'extreme pressure' walked into the room and eyed us all. We all knew what was coming.

I guess I should probably explain some things. The reason all of us are currently in this room is because we are the TM. Meaning Testing Myths, and yes, it's as bad as it sounds. Actually, it's much worse than it sounds.

Another thing, the boys and girls in this room with me are all myths. After those scientist brought myths back to life, they used us. Almost all of the species that that had at one time thrived, were now diminished down to only enough of us for the work that humans didn't want. They had a log book that recorded every job there is, and if anyone is needed for it. If there is no need for the newborn baby, than they were usually killed.

All of us in the TM are myths that were not needed, but born or created at a time when the scientist just started needing fresh testers. They use us to test simple things like medicine for humans, but also use us to study the behavior of are species or find our weakness.

The first of us ten to be put in here was Katie. She was a vampire that had been created at the age of 1. She had been instantly found after the rogue vampire created her, and put in here. She was now 18 and probably one of the more mature figures in the group. She had long, black hair and grayish eyes.

The next one brought here was me, Altha, and Leo. Leo was created when he was 2. He ran free as a werewolf until they finally caught him and put him in here one year later. Currently he was 19 and had dark brown hair with matching eyes.

The next four brought in are practically twins. You had your female twins at 15, Amara and Bridget. Then you had your male twins at 17, Xavier and Bryce. They all aren't actually twins, but Amara and Bridget are practically attached at the hip.

Amara was a succubus and we sometimes wondered if maybe her and Leo were brother and sister with the matching hair and eyes. Meanwhile Bridget and Bryce shared the white hair and blue eyes look. Only Bridget was a siren and Bryce was a unicorn. Xavier was a manticore with light brown hair and practically black eyes.

The next two to come were 16 year olds, Trevor and Landon. Trevor was the 'stupid fairy' and Landon was a satyr. Landon had a red-brown hair color with his crazy brown eyes. Trevor was actually a black hair green eyed sprite. His tough exterior was enough to make up for the label though.

The last was the 14 year-old naiad, Rachel. She had shocking red hair and bright blue eyes. She was considered the little sister of the group.

Okay, back to what just happened, the man that had just broke down our lovely door was the head security guard. He was currently scanning the room in his annoyed manner, eyes skipping of the bed before landing on me.

"You, come with me." Great, just great.

I turned to everyone and just smiled slightly, glared at Amara and Bridget, and patted Rachel on the head as I walked with confidence to the door. The guard grabbed me and pulled me out before slamming the door.

"You can let go of me you know, it's not like I could go anywhere." My voice echoed of the plain white walls of the corridor that I had cleverly named The Corridor of Many Useless Doors. Genius right?

The buff dude just gripped my arm tighter. I squirmed slightly as I felt pain shoot through me. Oops, I pissed him off. I sighed lightly as my thoughts switched to annoyance at the thought of going back to a bunch of worried eyes at the sight of my arm.

Finally we reached the mans chosen destination and I was thrown in to the room. It was certainly not what I had expected.

Inside was a giant tree that reached quite high up, almost touching the domed ceiling. My eyes caught sight of the plush grass and I felt curiosity stab at me.

"What do they want me to do?" I murmured to myself. A soft song went through the air. It reminded me of something familiar that was just out of reach. My heart ached and my body felt like it was burning up.

My knees crumpled underneath me to my surprise. I could take these kind of things in stride and would stay confident in myself even if I was panicking on the inside.

I finally peeled my eyes from my shaking hands and past my wave of blonde hair and focused my blue eyes on a bird. It was standing right in front of me with its flaming wings and tail. Its amber eyes focused on me while it sang.

A single tear made its way out of my eyes when I finally focused on the words. It spoke of my mom, my friends, and my strong need to protect those I love. A single talon reached up to take the tear from my face. It had stopped singing and was now opening its beak as if to speak.

"The pure tear of the pure elf has many qualities; do not shed them too easily." Than the flaming bird took flight towards the ceiling. I watched as it flung its claw that still held my tear at the roof. The explosion sent me flying into the wall. I heard the crack of the tree falling as gazed towards the bird that I knew was a phoenix.

My last thought as darkness engulfed me was how much it would suck if I died by being crushed by a flaming tree.