"Who are you?" I asked when I heard my bedchamber's door opened for the first time in a whole year for somebody that's not my doctor.

"I'm... eh!Your brother... big brother." A boy replied nervously from the doorway without making any eye contact. The boy looked younger than me to be my eldest brother, so shy, so tiny. But this is not the facts that we need to discuss, what's important now is that I have a fucking brother that in all my life I never ever met.

He looked seriously into my eyes for the first time and it made me remember the look of my parents, then he opened his mouth and said the most chocking thing I'll never want to hear. "And your futur husband." And like that my world crushed. I wore my blank face as I felt my heart crushing, well what left not broken from my heart.

"Do I have a say?" The only thing my mind could think of.

"I don't... ehmmh! ehmmh! The normal way we live." The normal way they live,not me. I'm not and will never be one of them.

"Er! I'm going to be the lord and you the king of all the demons. Just a royal blood can have the power for such a duty, royality mate with each other to stay more powerful, you know like dad and mom. Mom says that even if we have the same blood your body is more different and we'll not need magic to have children, you know... eh, we can... you can if you want, I'm not going to make you or... anyway we are so much young to make a decision like that and we have the time of the tree of life to live... eh!" He stopped for a moment to take a long breath from his blabling and look at me seriously in the eyes for the second time in our meeting. "Do you refuse to be my mate? Do you love someone else? After we get married, you can be his lover too, that what dad and m-" He was again talking so fast that it was hard for my half death mind to comprehend what he's saying.

"Enough!" I'm going to have a heart attack or maybe a brain attack, wouldn't it be funny? I positioned my self in my bed in a more comfortable position, my eyes no longer studying this... what his name anyway?!

"What's your name?" I asked in an uninterested way.

"El... Elia, Eliavel Redmond Damos. You didn't... know? " It's so hilarious I didn't even know the name of my own big brother and future-to-be my husband. He looks so nervous, from the moment he opned my bedroom's door and met my eyes, until now, he didn't move, couldn't move.

He looks so vulnerable but I know he's not. I can feel it, smell it and if I close my eyes and try really hard I can see it. The power of a soon-to-be the lord of the kings, the ruler of the demons. He can even be more powerful than his... my mom. But it's normal to be powerful for someone born with the help of red magic, isn't? Disgusting.

"How old are you?" With how many years is he bigger than me?

"34 and mom says that you're 20, isn't..." if his mom told him everything about me why does he bother me with questions, I think his stupid or something, maybe just something but he definitely look cute with his black, short and messy hair and his blue eyes. I'm sure this is not a his real color, the blue and white are just a normal -or you can say- a daily color but not the real thing, even so I still think he's stupid, a stupid cute *big brother*.

But it'll be hard for anyone to think that we are siblings, just look at him, at us, at me with my blonde medium hair and my so green eyes and I think that we are of the same height or maybe I'm a little taller. How can we be brothers when I look like a fairy and he looks like a... a demon. More than that, because of some special circumstances, I'm maturing fast than him, thus when he'll mature at the age of 40 I'll have the body of a matured person at 35/36, mind you I'll have the matured body but not the mind and it doesn't mean I'll be a childish person because I'm not. And because of the same *special circumstances* I'll have to be sexually engaged with someone, and who is better than one of my family members that will provide me satisfaction and protection in the same time?! And if you couldn't see it, this is sarcasm.

I never tried to know my parents, ask about how they live or in this position know about if they have another son besides me, after all I was happy where I lived before with my kilmé, my two other big siblings and their sire, the only people I, always and still, think of as my only family. I love them and they are cool and always spoil me. Maybe that's way I never spend a second before to ask my self about my dad's and mom's life. I always know about their existence, my kilmé always talked about the time they lived with each other and shared everything from their bodies to their souls, and he always mentioned that one day my parents will come to take me. He think he was selfish enough to take me away from them in my first years. but even so if it's my decision I'll never want to be here, to be separated from the ones I love and live with people I never spend a second to think about their existence.

I don't want to be here, I prefer my other real life. And to think this thing, this stupid Elia is my future mate, this stranger, will one day take what little I have now of freedom.

It's not that I'm picky about my bed mate, will yeah a little but with him my rules change because everything in him is calling my body, hell if it wasn't for the fact that I'm still growing and my body will be poisoned I'll jump him right here, right now. This is my nature, I took energy from bedding others, and I have this fantasy of raping everything that move even my self in the mirror. but that never mean I want to be married, I think things are going fast for me even if my body will totally stop maturing in my 35/36 birthday and then I'll need energy from the soul of others, I'm uncomfortable to have my future already calculated and planed and I will never have the chance to live like the little peaceful life I had before.

They talked years ago about all of this, my future, my position in the family and maybe about his existence too but I never liked my parents or listen to what they said and I thought that the time I'll say "No I don't want to" they will listen to me and let me live the life I want. But no! They closed their ears to my complaining and their eyes to my kilmé's tears.

Do I care about all of this now? No. Am I lying? Probably but I will never show it to them, that they hurt me and broke my heart in broking my kilmé's. I miss my family, my other family, the only one that I ever wanted, loved and acknowledged. And because my body is changing and I'm always sick they have no right to claim me as their own.

At least I'm thankful enough to them -dad and mom- for allowing me to live with my kilmé, Sarah and Mayen for my first 19 years, the most happy years I will ever live, even with the knowledge that I will die from the incompatibility between my body and soul without the medicines that my kilmé's kind can't provide for me.

But nothing changed I was dying before and still I am but in a different way. My life became a hell, I became a prisoner to a chamber made for a king and a slave to a future I never choose.

I'm going to make the life of this family a hell, I swear. I'm not going to love anyone of them and just the fact that I can't leave my room, until my body will be stable and my changes will slow down, not going to make me a less bitch, spoiled brat.


AN: I'm still thinking if I write this fiction in French will it be more easy with less mistakes? I'm sorry for all my mistakes, I'm still halfway in learning English but I'm having fun writing and with each mistake I learn a new thing and I'm all open minded to read what you think.