Chapter 5:

The evening came in a blink of an eye. Every servant was walking from a place to another doing a million tasks in the way, and guards were like plagues, when you see one you'll find others attached to him from the shoulder. I never saw that many people in one place in my life, it makes me dazed just by thinking about their presence. Even in my other birthdays things were more different than this one especially the ones with my kilmé, they were really quite. As much as it makes me feel safe to have all this people here just to make sure nothing bad will happen, it's suffocating.

At 7:00 PM the party began and the great doors of our castle opened for only people of great status. My parents stood with grace in their most elegant wears greeting the invited, my brother wasn't far away entertaining the king and queen of some city that belong to us. Me? I was hiding behind some guards looking at faces for the first time. I can't read what the guards think of me right now but I'm sure compared to looking at boring faces belonging to boring people I'm at less amusing them, thanks God I'm not a guard.

I couldn't make my presence public as of yet. To tell the truth I'm self conscious, normally I don't care of what I wear but what I'm wearing now is a present from my kilmé, and let me tell you how much he loves to show me around. I'm wearing a sleeveless gold tunic in satin that's not long enough to hid my ass with a v-neck slit with silver trim around it and a painting in the same color from the right shoulder to the bottom hem. The painting is the same as the tattoo I have on the right half of my V, it's my family's symbol and even kilmé have it in his heart space. My tunic match the color of my tight pants that are tapered at the knee with the same silver painting in the right leg. And last but not least a simple looking silver ballerina. It's the most beautiful thing I ever saw or felt around my skin. It made me look gorgeous but self-conscious in the same time.

I feel like I'm wearing something forbidden and knowing that my clothes are hand made doesn't help my discomfort. My hands became too sweety from all the stress I feel and I hided them in my pockets knowing that it's only made the pants more tighter on my ass.

When I spotted my parents moving toward the ballroom I did the same but still hiding behind the guards. When I reached my destination I remarked something for the first time, all the guests were old people and also very close friends, not even a soul was in my age. I know that in my last birthdays I specified to my parents to invite only the people I know from my kilmé's kind with my two other siblings but I thought this is a special occasion, not that I'm complaining, I'm only curious.

Maybe it's a safety thing, maybe El have some lover, children of some families here and they will try to kill me after the announcement of my engagement with their lover. But then if the parents here know about it shouldn't they tell them even without knowing the relationship between their child and the prince? Maybe my mom asked secrecy from all the guests. Then why would she organise the party in the first place? To not let me suspect a thing, was my first replay. My head is hurting me from all this thinking.

I felt him on my left and when I turned my head I locked my eyes with Moon's funny expression like he know what's in my mind.'What in the hell are you doing here?' I questioned in my head 'I'm only a cute little cat wandering around, no one will take notice.'

Sometimes Moon can make me really angry, I asked him to stay in my quarters, but no, He had to come here and be sure I'm safe forgetting that maybe there's a chance that someone with special gift can see his real form and I'll need to do some hard explanation after it. Of course if I gave him a direct order he will not disobey me but I refuse to do it most of the time because I want him to feel that I'm his parent more than a master.

When I felt gazes turning around searching between the faces, I knew that it was time for me to show up. I returned to the big doors of the ballroom, still hiding behind the guards and mentioned to one of them to announce my entré.

The music changed immediately and every eye looked at the entrance, at me. The action made me knew that the nervousness I felt when I was shielded by the guards was nothing compared to my feelings right now. I never thought I had a fear from crowds. I could die many times a second and it'll be better than living this hell.

By the way, I came to this place often last years but never was interested by it's wall the way I'm right now. This place was made for a monster, or better, for hundred dragons in their true form. It's really huge with windows from the floor to the roof and a balcony that open at the ceiling is so far away that it made me title my head in uncomfortable position just to look at it. And the them of the room was white, black and red what gave the atmosphere a dark but warm and romantic feeling.

I was so into the decorations of this room wanting to ignore all the eyes that were eating me and the whispers around me that I didn't feel the presence in my left. I was looking at the good work the maids did at decorating this place when a sudden hand was in front of me waiting for me to take it, I turned my head to the source of it master and saw my brother with a big smile waiting patiently for me to react to the offered hand.

I silently thanked him for his support and took it. Of course that doesn't mean I'm in a good term with him and I made him know it by focusing my cold eyes with his in a hateful glare, but he only replied by extending his smile and taking me to where my parents are.

"You look gorgeous my little angel." my mom looked really pleased with my outfit. "Let me present you Mr Coldar he's the principal of the academy 'The guardians' where your brother studied his whole life and is a first knight now." I looked toward the middle aged man and greeted him politely.

"Hello Mr Coldar, it's a pleasure to meet you." My voice was polite but my glare was all but nice.

"Oh no no! All the pleasure is mine to finally be able to meet you" he took my hand and kissed it like I was a damn lady but I bite my tongue not wanting to spoil my chance at being free from this place called home to go to his academy and what frighten me more is the punishment I'll get if I insult a friend of mom.

"I'm really proud that the famous future first king that only few people ever met in the past chooses my academy for his study, and it's not like you need it with the list of big names you have like professors" he smiled at my face without letting go of my hand.

What's El find in him that it made them best friends? "What I learned all my life until now will never be enough without experience." I replied with a blank face.

"I really like the way you think. If this is the way our future first king think then our people are in good hands." He kissed my hand again. I think his trying to gain my favor or something.

"I want you to know that my academy is more than open for you." But? "But there's some rules that you need to know." I narrowed my brows in confusion." Some rules?! Didn't you just said that the academy is open for me? Am I not welcomed anymore?" Or is this someway to push me to reject the decision of registering in his academy?

"No, no of course you're welcome." He tried to clear the confusion." It's only that in the academy's hall any person from any status will be stripped from his rank." I tried to ask but he stopped me. "What I mean that we call people by their first and middle name only. We believe in the equal opportunities, it gives our students the well to challenge each other without restraints." Oh my God! I can't be more happy than I am right now.

"Oh I see. It's totally okay with me. Now if you excuse me I like to dance with Elia." I said as fast as my mouth can master not wanting to stay another minute with this man before I freed my hand from his like it was in fire.

"Yeah you go and have fun." He replied, I turned my head toward my brother. "El let's go." El took my hand and guided me toward the dance floor.

I can't believe I'll have the opportunity to live a whole year and not be restricted by manners. I'll sleep with everyone and do whatever I want, I'll skip my classes and go out. No one will ever order me around." You're smiling." El woke me from my daydream suddenly.

"This is my birthday. Don't I have the right to smile?"

He chuckled at my reply. "And here I thought you were so nervous that you hided behind the guards."

"No I wasn't!" I defended my pride. "Yeah right, you weren't." He replied simply, and I preferred to not reply because I don't want to be the victim of the saying 'explain is confess'.

After Elia, I danced with my parents and some of the old friends of the family. I even played the piano with my brother as a duo for the first time. It was a good time until it became better when an androgynous man with floor length blond hair and soft green eyes with a matched colored dress passed the big open doors.

Without thinking I threw my body at the man impatient to touch and feel him as soon as possible.

"You came." I cried.

"How can I not. This is an important day for you. We wanted to be part of it with you." He smiled he's most beautiful smile.

"We? " I asked confused. "Yes, we." I heard the reply from behind my kilmé. When I titled my head to look I found Sarah and Mayen with open hands waiting for me patiently.

"Oh my God, you came too. I'm so happy. I missed you guys so much." I couldn't help my body from not crushing with theirs.

"I know, I know. We missed you too and we really want to stay all night but we can't." Mayen said.

"You had to tell him right now you idiot. Couldn't you wait until after the soirée? " Sarah was really angry. She is gorgeous and intimidating when she want to be, contrary to Mayen, that have blond hair and light brown eyes like those of his sire, she had her sire's black hair and my kilmé's eyes. And her mini black dress with structured cascading ruffle along side at front and back was a plus for her beauty, it made her look so tall and elegant.

"I'm not going to be reprimanded from someone who prefer to be a girl." And here began their usual disagreement. "If I have no form and can be anything in the world, I'll prefer to be the best thing in this life. Something that's intelligent but not sly, have a mind but not heartless, can have the world but prefer a small home-" she was stopped by her brother. "I think your talking about the most stupid thing ever existed."

"Did you forget where are we my children?" Finally my kilmé saved us from a dangerous war.

"Oh God, we're happy to see you." Came my mom's voice not so faraway from us with dad walking besides her toward us.

"Let's dance. And after the party I'll show you our quarters." Oh my God. I never thought my dad can be so... so forward.

"I think your parents missed kilmé." Commented Mayen with amusement.

"I don't care, let's dance and then I'll tell you my news" I felt El death glare at Mayen when he rested his hand on the small of my back.

"Are you coming Redmond? " I think Sarah felt it too.

"Please just call me Eliavel and yes I'm coming."

It's been years from the last time I felt as happy as today. We danced, joked and hugged like this is the last time we'll see each other. Between my kilmé, brother and sister I totally forget my parents and El but it's not like I will not see them tomorrow.

Before the end of the party the servants brought the bigger cake I ever saw, with strange but good to look at decorations.

Someone played the piano and everyone signed me a happy birthday. I wished to have the most interesting and adventurous year ever. I hoped to forget the phrase "I'm bored" for a whole year but if I could know what the future had hide for me I would never made this wish.

After the cake, my parents and kilmé walked to the center of the ballroom and called for attention then my dad toke the lead and announced what I thought they forget but clearly made a mistake.

"My sisters, my brothers. I thank each one of you that replied my family's invitation and came to support us in this important day. As most of you already now, today my second son complete his physical maturation, today he is 35 and today shall I announce, as the tradition demand in our great family and for the good and the peaceful life in our kingdom, the engagement of my first son 'Eliavel Redmond Damos' and next to the position of the lord of the demon and my second son 'Ciel Tender Damos' and the next to the position of the first king. A black magical engagement before the spirits." What?

My cry of surprise was quitted with the excited voices in the room. An engagement like that is for life and I wasn't told anything about it. Sure I always knew -and had been told- that I could never divorce Elia after the marriage but I never thought things are as serious as using black magic. It's not that they're using the red one and that means it's not a scary thing like 'I had to do it and I'll stay alive if not I got killed by the magic', it's more talk about honor. After the marriage I shall share my life with my husband for as much as I'm alive and never have the ability to ran away or I'll shame my own soul.

After the party everyone wished the long life to the royal family before disappearing into the big doors. The only people that stayed with me are the members of my little family, but not all of them because right now I'm seeing Sarah and Mayen to the doors.

"Why aren't you staying like kilmé? " I asked with the best poppy face I can master.

"Oh my dear, we aren't bonded to this world like our kilmé. We can't stay too long" Mayen replied while Sarah was trying to be as strong for our goodbye as I'm.

"And our Sire is waiting for us. You know how attached he's to us" Sarah managed to say without hugging me or she'll not stop crying until there's no more tears in her beautiful eyes. She was talking about their father, I know he can feel so lonely when his children aren't around him even if he have another child from another marriage. He preferred to be with his whole family all the time, even with me he was always kind and really good that when I was younger I considered him my Sire too.

I said goodbye to my siblings and turned to search for kilmé.

"I'm sure he's busy with his mates right now. After all this years of separation... it's time..." El suddenly talked beside me.

"What're you talking about? "

"Your kilmé and our parents."

"Where are they? I'm going to find him." Before I could move, Elia stopped me by the hand.

"You don't understand, do you? Or maybe you just don't want to." He said hugging me.

"What're you talking about? Let me go." I straggled between his arms.

"Your birthday soirée just finished. Don't you want to go sleep yet? " I felt warm spread in my checks and diverted my gaze to the ground letting him drag me to our quarters.


AN: I know that by reading a rated M fiction, you already expect some sexual scene but there's no harm in warning you, next chapter will be hot.