One day, I was on my way to class when I encountered a group of jocks.

They were known as, "The Dumb Bunch" (A play on a somewhat homosexual name for the 1980s Redskins receiving corps.). The reason for the nickname was that they lead the school in having the lowest GPA...I wonder how much money their parents bribed the principal.

To be fair, they're not really bad people, just that they had no idea that what they do to other people was terrible. For example, one of them named DeSean Johnson often pull down his classmates pants, wipe snot on them, and even draw something on their desks. Also he was in one of my classes and that nut was loud, I thought I was going deaf!

What made it worse was the fact that it's a special education class (Don't ask why I was there). The problem started when DeSean was born three days later than he was supposed to, leading to mental retardation. It's fortunate that he was also gifted with physical strength or otherwise...I don't know.

His friend, Josh Lester suffered from brain damage because when he was little, he mistook his dad's bottle of Heineken for apple cider and drained the entire bottle. He would wind up in the hospital and his dad ended up in prison for negligence.

Since then, Josh became a bit of a man child with a psychotic streak.

One time he he shoved a student in front of him, took his lunch money, and said, "HAHA, DOODLE HEAD!"

The victim was confused as I was the first time I heard it, doodle head?

Afterward he would prance around and sang a theme from "Muppet babies".

Lastly, there was Shawne K. Rivers.

He was expelled from his previous school because he was busted for steroids.

Also he was violent as hell because he hated it whenever someone insinuates that he was stupid. Truth to be told, you have to be a massive idiot to flunk on a special ed. math class...which was what he did...with a score of 0!

He became pissed and tried to beat up the teacher, only to accidentally beat up a photo pinned on the wall. No one had the heart to tell him that he wasn't attacking the was pitiful.

The group would last however as Rivers was expelled because he sacked the school's football mascot thinking it was a quarterback. Shortly afterward, he proceeded to leap into the stands and chased after a squirrel because he claimed that the squirrel was taunting him.

As for the other two, they were like kids.

Once you remember how cruel kids can be, you'll get the answer.

Eventually, the two would transfer and were never seen again.

Despite the hell some of the students went through, many of us actually missed them. The reason was that unlike the conventional asshole jocks, "The Dumb Bunch" were actually fun and for a short time they were here, it's like living in a bad Adam Sandler movie.

Fun and stupid.