I was on my way to class when my learning coach named Mick came in and said, "Taking a core class aren't ya?"

"Yes Mick, I taking a core class so that I can keep my GPA above 2.0." I sighed.

"What class is it?"

"Classical Greek,"

Then he spat on the ground and growled, "Another bum!"

"You called every classes I took bums!" I said.

"Well, they are!"

I shook my head and head toward class.

Mick was basically a real life version of Mickey Goldmill from "Rocky". There is a room in a building in Brooklyn College where you can sign up for a tutor and what happened was that I wrote a 12 page essay with few days to go and I checked in so I can get it proofread. I had no idea how he end up with a job as a writing tutor, guess the school figure out that it would be interesting to hire a former boxing coach as a writing tutor.

Then again, Brooklyn College have made some questionable moves such as the way how the student protests have been handled, even sending in undercover cops (I wish I'm making this one up but it actually happened, some individuals at the cafeteria are kind of suspicious to say the least). Classical Greek is a fun class but I didn't take Biology that time because I was looking to boost up my grade point average until I decided it was safe enough to do so, can't risk having it dip below 2.0 like what happened a year before. I felt that once my GPA went up high enough to absorb a hit from another "F" grade from Biology class, then I would have successfully build myself a safety net for a moment.

However, Mick wasn't very approving, even the one from the movie is more approving (granted, Mickey was an opportunist when he heard Rocky was going to fight against Apollo Creed but still the third movie shows how much he cares about the guy). Anyway, each time I took my unfinshed draft of a term paper to the writing center at Boylan Hall, for some reason they kept on assigning Mick as my writing tutor, it's really weird. Each time as you can guess, as Mick points out the mistakes I have made on the draft, he kept on pestering me to take the Biology course once the semester ends. I told him, "No, not yet, my GPA still isn't high enough since it's still at 2.41, another failure can put another massive blow and I don't want that yet!"

Mick growled, "Humbug! You fail because you didn't believe in yourself, causing you to give up!"

Then he continues, "Do you want to know why you give up? It's all because of one little block you ran into, you fucking panicked and cowered in fear!"

Angered, I said, "No I didn't cower in fear, have you seen the second exam?"

He spat on the floor and said, "Excuses!"

I didn't argue any further that day because I don't want to see him spit again, it's disgusting!

He would continue to pester me for months and each time I would still hold off on doing so because I didn't feel I'm up to taking the challenge yet, at least until my GPA became high enough to take another hit if I fail for the second time. But then one day, I heard that Mick was retiring and I started to felt bad, I mean yeah he was always hard on me but at the same time, he wanted what is best for me...also my parents hired him. So one day when he was about to leave the Boylan Hall for the last time, I said, "Hey...Mick, I'm going to take my chance on Biology next semester."

Mick then said, "It won't matter if you chicken out like last time!" he growled and walked toward the exit before grumbling, "Just pass." with a glimpse of almost smile on his face, this would be the last time I get to see him as Mick passed away the few days later. For weeks, I felt like Rocky in the third movie when his last words to me still rang in my mind, "Just pass."

Determined not to let him and my parents down, that summer, I started a series of training regimen which includes sprinting from home to Forest Park and back (I got laughed at by the neighborhood kids in each of that daily regimen), 100 push ups every two days (couldn't get past 30 due to...I was rusty, what can I do?), lift weights once every few days (20 lbs dungbell nearly wrecked my arm and I couldn't use it for a week!), and improving my stamina via elliptical trainer (only thing that works well for me).

Once the fall semester began, my body became leaner while my legs became even bulkier. What I have done to improve my chance of passing Biology 1? Absolutely nothing at all, seriously all the training I did was for nothing and I didn't realize it until it was too late!

Realizing that I pissed away what should have been my study time (plus my parents got on my case for doing nothing during the summer), I took a deep breath and said to myself, "I gotta believe...in the heart of th-what the hell am I talking about?"

I'm screwed!

And so the semester begins...