My alarm clock went off, waking me with a start. What a way to start a Saturday morning, forgetting to turn off your alarm clock. I rolled over and tried to sleep. Tried to think of sheep and clouds and other dreamy things…

"Gah!" I exclaimed, throwing back the covers and resigning myself to being awake at 7:00 on a Saturday morning.

I climbed down the stairs in my fluffy PJ bottoms and the huge minor league Baseball shirt I'd taken from Shawn, and jumped when I saw the boy in question standing at the bottom of them.

"What are you doing here? Why are you up and in my home at 7:00 on a Saturday morning?" I asked, so very confused even though I saw him 5 days a week.

"Carrie let me in and made me waffles! Your mom is really nice, you know that? Now come we must venture out into the world for there is a Batman movie marathon playing at 6:30 tonight and we must prepare!" Sadly, he was dead serious.

"I'll be breaking up with you now. Keep in touch!" I said with quite an impressive serious face if I do say so myself.

"Ha-ha very funny let's go!" Shawn ran up the stairs and threw me over his shoulder, casually walking past my father out the door.

"Shawn Gerard Wolfe put me down! So help me I will backhand you boy! Put me down! I am wearing pajamas, come on show mercy!" By now we were walking down the street, me kicking and screaming and him waving to my neighbors in an "I am not a Pedo-bear thanks for asking" kind of way.

"I must take you to my Batcave now Catwoman. Muahahahahaha…" He laughed maniacally and twirled his handlebar mustache.

Batman's the good guy. He does not evil cackle!"

"Then I'm the Joker and you're… well it doesn't matter who you are because I'm the Joker! Muahahahahaha!" Switching me onto his other shoulder he struck a pose of evil, then kept walking.

"Harley Quinn?" I supplied helpfully.

"Exactly! What a messed up love story that was, but not the point my beloved psychiatrist!" He continued to evil laugh and spout off Joker-ish phrases. At this point I'd given up fighting, mostly because I didn't want to walk barefoot.

As we entered his yard he held me wedding style, and with a quick peck on the lips opened the door.

"MOMMY I'M HOOME!" he yelled out before tossing me on the couch.

"Mom left, now SHUT UP!" His older brother Lee yelled from his bedroom.

"I'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY YOUR PSYCHO BROTHER HELP ME LEE!" I yelled out, laughing the whole time. Acting panicked Shawn covered my mouth and shushed me excessively.

"Congrats to the happy couple, ZIP YOUR FACE!" With that we heard him get up and slam his door closed.

"Now my pet, we study my arch nemesis over Doritos." Quickly Shawn ran out of the room, grabbing chips and comic books while stopping to knock out "We Will Rock You" on his older brother's door.

We spent the rest of the day as the Joker and Harley Quinn, reading comic books and munching the Wolfe's out of house and home before going to his favorite drive in movie theatre …in my pajamas. Though to his benefit, he wore a Santa hat the whole time to make me feel better. Considering it was February, it worked.

There was just something about the Joker that made Harley go crazy…

The thing about Chance is, you have to catch him at the right time. A good guy at heart, he has a little temper when he drinks. Which isn't that often, and the rest of the time he's a sweet, considerate man who fixes children's broken arms and chicken pox.

I met Chance two years ago, when my appendix burst. I'd gone to St. Mary's and had the surgery like a good little patient, and in the doorway to an elevator slammed into Chance. In blue scrubs and a white lab coat, he was carrying a huge stack of files that flew EVERYWHERE. I was apologizing profusely and quickly picking things up when two tan hands stopped mine. That was the first time I looked into Chance's eyes, an icy blue that went well with his dark blonde hair. At that moment he asked me out, and that's where it all began.

"Hello?" I could hear the slur in Chance's voice as he picked up the phone.

"Hey baby it's Sky, just thought I'd give you a call see how you were doing."

"Fine. How was the wedding?" The first part he snapped out, then paused obviously trying to get ahold of himself.

I ignored the annoyance building up inside (of COURSE he was drunk), and told him all about the wedding. Obviously leaving out a few kiss related details.

"Look, if you're going to sleep with a guy on your first night out of town while blatantly ignoring our engagement, could you try not to shove it in my face? I don't want to hear about how great it was to see 'Shawn' again." He had given up all attempts at rationality, I knew it was coming at the first slurred syllable. That being said–

"WHAT are you talking about? We just talked, I haven't seen him years! How much of a… you know what? I'm not doing this goodbye Chance."

Before I hung up the phone I heard him yell a few choice words to the woman he loved.

I sighed and lay back on the hotel bed, exasperated more than anything else. I'd said maybe one sentence about Shawn, not even hinting to our little chat in the grass.

Our relationship wasn't as bad as I'm making it seem. We really did love each other, and that's what mattered. But sometimes… we had our bad moments. And in those moments he'd scream accusations and I'd shout insults through the tear. All the good moments made it worth it, though…

I wish they didn't have to.