Just a Dream

For only a moment the world seems to be peaceful and right

All that is searched for is found, all that is wished for is here

His sweet warmth surrounds me like water from a hot spring

Drowning in this short lived moment, a fact that he's so near

I shiver from my affections; I shudder from the words unsaid

Words that burn beneath my lips, hopeful thoughts that grow

Blue eyes burning with passionate flames, I'm still drowning

I'm falling…falling out of sleep. He wants me, but I must go

I close my eyes tight for I don't want to go. He's here for me

I can almost feel his breath on my skin whispering that word

Words I long to hear returned. But there is nothing, just quiet

Falling…falling out of sleep, with no sound or whisper heard

Like sand slipping from my fingers of what should have been

I can feel my dream unraveling slowly, and I am awake again