A/N: I'm not sure how long this story will last, but it will be full of humor. I promise. It's a romantic comedy in some ways, and also very serious when it comes to certain things. So there'll be drama, romance, comedy, and some angst too. I have to have some kind of angst in my stories.

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Opening: Please Don't...

"Nickie, Nickie, you have to stay awake!" she pleaded, holding his hand. She never knew how small her hand was compared to his, but that didn't matter now. "The paramedics are on their way. Just hold tight, okay?" Her other hand was stroking his cheek. It felt so cold against her feverish fingers. He welcomed her warmth as he lay there on the wet ground, looking up at the black sky as the rain came pouring down on them.

"It's ironic...how I've been around you for years, walking in your shadow, watching guys step over each other to get your number when you lost your Nerd Card," he chuckled weakly. "I knew the real Charlie, but no one bothered to ask me if you liked the Powerpuff Girls or French fries dipped in a Wendy's chocolate frosty." She laughed nervously, her full attention on her best friend, the only constant in her life. He was her anchor, and he was slipping further and further away and into the sea. "But, even though I was the closest to having you, I was the furthest from having a chance. Nicholas Green, the Jewish nerd who knows the answer to every question in every class."

"It's all true, but I was so, so stupid for not paying attention. I was so caught up in...in—"

"Being selfish? It's fine," he sighed, his vision blurring. "I was just your stepping stool throughout life, anyway. You were pretty smart, but I was smarter, and you needed that. No one wanted to compliment you on your thick glasses or your rainbow-colored braces, but you always asked me how you looked, because you knew I wouldn't be anything but nice. I was a host."

"No, no it wasn't okay," she corrected him, bringing his head into her lap as she stroked his brownish blonde curls. "I wasn't being a friend. Friends give and take, and I was just taking until I found someone else to take from. I deserved to be outed like that. I didn't mean anything I said."

"Then maybe you should have caught yourself," he muttered, suddenly feeling like he was on fire. Maybe he was.

"I couldn't. I was mad at you. I didn't care if you were being honest; it wasn't what I wanted to hear."

"So," he coughed. "You admit you're spoiled?" He felt something tickling the flesh just below his nose, and the sensation trickled down to his cheek.

Charlie muttered, "Oh God, no," before she continued. "Yes, I admit it! I'm spoiled, ungrateful, indecisive, insecure, and trashy. I treat my good friends like crap and the bad ones like kings and queens. I had a good friend until the end of summer and I lost him because I was stupid."

Nick felt his heart slowing to a crawl and he smiled. "You're finally being honest. But you're wrong; you didn't lose a friend...not until...tonight." He stilled, and Charlie felt as if everything around them had ceased moving as she watched life depart from him, his bright green eyes closed.

"Nick? Nick?" She shook him violently. "Nicolas? Answer me, please! I love you!" When he failed to respond, she buried her face in his hair, holding him close to her as she ran her hands through his soft tresses, sobbing quietly. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...Nicolas."

End of opening. Kinda dramatic, I know. But my intention was for the beginning to be this way. So you meet our two main characters, Charlie and Nicolas. You'll find out more about them in the first chapter.

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