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Destined To Meet You

By: Miyano Ran

Are you willing to give up everything you have… for the one you love? With the huge gap they have in social status… can they ever be together?

Yes… I'm willing to give up everything and undergo any pain…

Because, if I have her… I have everything.

True love knows no boundaries…

True love cannot be broken…by time nor distance…

It may take days…weeks…years…decades or thousands of years of separation… but you will always be engraved in my heart. You may be miles away… but, my heart is with you…

Forever and always…never ceasing… Loving you…

Chapter 1: The Past

Year 1991- Taipei, Taiwan

A very affluent and respected family of four was merrily having a picnic in one of the famous parks in Taipei, the northern part as well as the capital city of Taiwan. There was the father, Wu Wei Ji, a very wealthy owner of some well-known malls in Taiwan and also the son of the successful CEO of an influential business company in the country. Then there was the mother, Hong Su Ting, her family owned the most expensive mansions in Taiwan and Mainland China. The wealthy couple had two children. There was the sweet six year old daughter, Wu Fei Ting and a little one-year old boy, the pride of the family and the successor of the family's successful business, Wu Ji Zun.

Although the family was loved by many people, many were also very jealous of their luxury, prosperity and assets in spite of the family's utmost generosity. There were some people like the members of the mafia or the dark organizations, even corrupt politicians, who plan very grim schemes to bring down the family and steal their riches. This happened to be one of the days.

Suddenly, without warning, a vicious-looking kidnapper with tattoos all over his body ran past the family sitting on the grass with their picnic baskets and grabbed hold of the screaming little baby boy, Wu Ji Zun. The six year old girl gasped in horror when she saw her little brother kidnapped while the couple screamed in fear.

The baby just wailed. Everyone in the park was looking at the scene with terror. They all couldn't do anything for the man had a knife directed to the baby boy's throat. Some people were frantically calling the police in secret. The man smiled wickedly.

"Give me your bank account, all your assets and all your wealth to me…" He grinned evilly while naming his requests mercilessly. "…or else I will kill this baby!"

"Oh no…" The mother cried while pleading. "Please don't."

When they were about to give up, suddenly, a man in his twenties ran towards the thug kidnapper with full speed and used his strong martial arts kick to hit the man's hand which held the knife hard, causing the knife to pitifully fall down the floor. The baby cried even louder. The man was in shock, in a daze, he slowly bent down to grab hold of the knife again. However, to everyone's awe, the heroic man was able to get the knife before criminal did.

With a glare, the man pressed the edge of the knife on the neck of the criminal and said in a low tone. "If you want money, work for it. Don't go as low as to harming an innocent child. You're pathetic."

The man replied angrily. "If you interfere with my plans, I'll strangle this baby!" He challenged.

"No!" Everyone screamed in terror. Baby Ji Zun just cried and cried.

"No you won't!" The man screamed. He punched the criminal hard in his stomach and snatched the baby away from his arms.

Then, just at the nick of time, the police arrived and arrested the delinquent robber who looked like a typical gangster.

Baby Ji Zun stopped crying as well and made a small smile to his savior.

The man walked towards the couple and with a gentle smile said. "I think he belongs to you." He carefully laid the baby in Su Ting's arms.

The family was so overjoyed and grateful of the man's kindness and bravery. Teary-eyed, Su ting and Wei Ji, including their daughter Fei Ting, thanked him and told him that he can have as much money as he wanted as a reward and they can give him anything he wants under their ability.

"I can give you as much money as you want as a reward for saving my precious baby boy." The father expressed happily while getting his check and credit card.

"I've never seen such bravery, we're not even related." The mother said. "Just name it, what do you like? We could give you a house, a car, anything. Such a heroic young man deserves great honor."

Before they could say anything else, the man said with a sincere smile.

"I'm not that desperate like the kidnapper." He explained. "I think helping someone without getting any reward is perfectly fine. I don't need anything from you; all that matters is that the baby is alright. Take care." The man turned around and was about to leave without another word when the six year old child asked. "What is your name, mister? Can we at least know that to remember your kindness?"

Without even turning around to face them, the person said in a low tone.

"My name's Wang Dong Cheng."

The family tried to stop him from leaving, but, he quickly rode his black motorcycle and drove away like a speeding bullet. The family was surprised that the man didn't want any money in return. Usually, other people would want rewards and would ask for many things, but, this man really didn't want for anything. He just left without a word.

But still, the family felt so grateful that they sent out their bodyguards to search high and low for this man named 'Wang Dong Cheng' so that they can give him proper credit. They never stopped searching for this man in a motorcycle, however, many years passed but they never saw Dong Cheng again.

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