By: Miyano Ran

Are you willing to give up everything you have… for the one you love? With the huge gap they have in social status… can they ever be together?

Yes… I'm willing to give up everything and undergo any pain…

Because, if I have her… I have everything.

True love knows no boundaries…

True love cannot be broken…by time nor distance…

It may take days…weeks…years…decades or thousands of years of separation… but you will always be engraved in my heart. You may be miles away… but, my heart is with you…

Forever and always…never ceasing… Loving you…

Chapter 8: Date

The Next Morning…

Wei Men was still sleeping soundly. Ay La woke up energetically as she jumped out of her bed, quickly brushing her teeth, taking a bath, eating her breakfast and getting the blueberry cheesecake she worked hard on from the fridge.

She wore a cute blue hat, a pair of rubber shoes, blue pants and ordinary T-shirt. She was very ordinary, but, she was very lovable. She dashed out of the house and went to the Taipei National Park after she asked a few directions from Wei Men yesterday.

Finally, she reached the park. She was happy that she was on time. "Wow! This place is so beautiful!" Ay La shouted aloud while twirling around, amazed with her surroundings. There were lots of young couples having romantic picnics and strolls there. She stretched her arms happily while her right arm was holding the box of cake, then she inhaled the fresh air while looking up at the beautiful and sunny sky.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of arms embracing her waist from behind. She got surprised and turned around.

"It's me!" Ji Zun laughed when he saw her shocked expression.

"Don't scare me like that!" Ay La told him, then, she suddenly grinned while turning around to face him. Reaching out a box, she said energetically. "Belated happy birthday… here's the cake I worked hard on yesterday!"

"Wow! Thanks Ay La!" Ji Zun said with utmost gratitude while taking the box from her hands. "Come, let's sit near that tree and let's talk while I eat the cake."

"Okay!" Ay La nodded cheerfully. "It's a good thing I brought a spoon for you to use!"

Ji Zun laughed with amusement and said. "Wow, you're so thoughtful. Thanks."

"Good morning Miss Fa, what can I do for you?" One of the maids of the Wu mansion asked hospitably.

"I'm here to see Ji Zun." Hua Hua stated. Hua Hua was wearing miniskirt, fancy stilettos, and a flashy and sexy top. She wore lots of jewelries and looked rich and elegant as usual.

"Oh, I'm sorry miss, but young master Wu Ji Zun is not around. He left about an hour ago." The maid responded.

"Where did he go?" Hua Hua asked.

Then, suddenly, Lee Wei and Zhong Tian emerged from the living room and greeted her.

"Hi, Hua Hua! Nice outfit!" Lee Wei grinned while whistling. "What brings you here?"

"It's obvious she's finding Ji Zun." Zhong Tian said. "She's planning to flirt with him again no doubt."

"Okay, I will leave the three of you to talk privately." The maid said while making a respectable bow. "I'll be going." Then, the maid ran off to clean the kitchen.

"Well, thanks for the compliment." She responded seductively. "I'm sexy as always. Anyway, at least you guys notice me; I just can't understand why Ji Zun never gives me the slightest glance. Anyway, how come you two are here?" Hua Hua asked. "You're not Ji Zun's brothers, you're just his friends, why are you here?"

"Ah, well, our selfish and coldhearted parents left us here for three days… not trusting us alone at home. Zhong Tian's parents are in Thailand for three days, while my parents are in Melbourne, Australia." Lee Wei explained. "They are all busy with business…business… and more work… they never really spent time with us since we were kids. And, in those times our parents abandon us, we stay at Ji Zun's place."

"Yeah! It's much more fun here Hua Hua, trust me." Zhong Tian said while grinning. "Although Mr. Wu Wei Ji and Madame Hong Su Ting are always busy as well, at least they still come home at night and check on their family."

"I see." Hua Hua said while nodding. "My parents are like that as well… they are always busy with work… so I don't feel the warmth of a family. So I always go to parties and drink… and dance…"

"Stop." Zhong Tian pleaded. "Don't tell us about your awful life story, ok? We get it. We are in the same situation after all. We're rich kids of rich people… they think it is fun to be rich… but it's really lonely deep down. To… to have a family that is never there for you… all you get is cash… and more cash…I know that you're not happy with your family, so are we, so, please, don't bring up these sad stories."

"So… let's change the topic." Lee Wei said while smiling. "You're here to seduce Ji Zun, right?"

"Of course." Hua Hua said proudly while puckering her lips to smother the lipstick. "Anyway, where is he? I'll make him fall in love with me."

"Uh…" Lee Wei suddenly felt scared. "Should I tell you?"

"Yes! Where did he go?" Hua Hua asked.

"Uh… he…" Lee Wei stammered.

"He went to a date." Zhong Tian said. "You can't say that, right, Lee Wei? You know she'll be furious."

"A date?!" Hua Hua screeched with vexation. "So soon?! With who? Xing Xing? Or is he with those rich girls from Japan? Is he in a bar right now?!" Hua Hua asked angrily while naming all the rich girls she knew.

"You still don't know his personality until now? You really think he'll be in a bar? Oh, please." Zhong Tian said with a laugh. "He's with Ay La, that commoner."

"What?!" Hua Hua yelled furiously. "What did he see in her that he didn't see in me?! Aren't I prettier than her?! Damn it! What does she have that I don't? She's just a lowlife! And… out of so many rich and sexy girls we have in our society, why did Ji Zun like a poor girl who wears blue jeans?! I don't understand! I mean… I wouldn't really mind if he fell for my other rich friends… but, why the hell… that girl?!"

"The truth is… she possess lots of attributes that Ji Zun likes about her… that all of us rich kids do not have." Lee Wei said.

"What?!" Hua Hua asked angrily.

"Innocence, purity… chastity, kindness…" Zhong Tian enumerated. "We don't have those. And, she might just be a simple village girl, but, that's what Ji Zun liked about her… her simplicity."

Hua Hua grunted and started to cry. "I…I… don't get it. Why can't Ji Zun fall in love with me?! Why did he like that witch?!"

"Chill, Hua Hua. They're just friends." Lee Wei explained as nice as can be.

"Only for now, they'll be lovers before you know it!" Hua Hua retorted angrily. "Anyway, do you know where they're dating right now?! I'll teach that girl a lesson!"

Although Lee Wei and Zhong Tian both knew where they were, they didn't tell Hua Hua because they didn't want her to destroy Ay La and Ji Zun's friendship.

Ay La and Ji Zun sat side by side under the huge tree. Ji Zun smiled at her and said. "You know, you're the kindest person I've met."

"Thanks… but, don't be like that. I'm sure that girl Hua Hua and your other friends are nice, too." Ay La said while opening the box of cake.

"How can you still say that after all they did to you?" Ji Zun asked with hurt and pain in his eyes while patting her head. "You're really too kind, Ay La."

"You know… we must always see the good things in a person… and not at their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, it's an inevitable thing." Ay La told him with a smile. "Here, taste it." Ay La said while cutting some of the delectable cake with the spoon.

"Feed me." Ji Zun requested playfully while grinning.

"Ah… but…" Ay La stammered shyly.

"Please?" Ji Zun requested once more with convincing eyes. "It WAS my birthday yesterday, and this is a birthday request. How can you reject?"

"Oh…ok… but only the first spoon. You should eat the rest yourself." She said with a lovable smile.

Then, Ji Zun naughtily opened his mouth while Ay La shyly fed him with the spoon. Then, finally, he ate it.

"So? How was it?" Ay La asked nervously while blushing and looking at his expression.

"It's so delicious!" Ji Zun exclaimed. "It's so good…"

"Really? Because… um… Hua Hua said that you've eaten lots of international food… and expensive desserts… so, this might be way below your standards…" Ay La said sadly.

"Hua Hua told you that?" Ji Zun confirmed angrily.

"Yeah." Ay La said while nodding sadly.

"Don't worry, Ay La. I loved it. It's because you made it with your whole heart…" Ji Zun said with a tender look on his face. "And… at the same time, it's also really delicious. This won't lose to the other cakes I've eaten abroad."

Then, upon hearing this, Ay La started to cry.

"Why are you crying?" Ji Zun asked worriedly at the soft hearted girl. "Are you sad because of what Hua Hua said?"

While slowly wiping her tears, Ay La smiled at him and said while sniffing. "No, I'm just really happy you liked it… I'm sorry for crying."

In an instant, Ji Zun lovingly pulled her into an embrace and said. "Silly girl… why cry for such a small thing?"

"I'm sorry…" Ay La mumbled. "I feel so flattered… and I really worked hard on that cake…"

While still holding Ay La's shoulder, Ji Zun smiled and took a spoon filled with cake and told her. "Now, I'll feed you… okay?"

"Ah…but…" Ay La suddenly felt her whole body growing weak when she felt his warm breath, his soft voice and his caring embrace. She started to blush again.

This time, Ji Zun fed her with the same spoon, and Ay La opened her mouth slightly and tasted the cake she made. It was really delicious. Her heartbeat went fast again when she realized that she ate the cake using the spoon Ji Zun used.

"Th…Thanks." Ay La mumbled under her breath.

The two shyly ate the cake together while Ay La's head rested comfortably on his shoulder. The two ate their fill and finished the cake. Ay La knew this wasn't right, since they weren't a couple yet. However, she felt somewhere deep down… that she wanted him to stay by her side a little bit longer.

Suddenly, the rain started to pour.

All the people in the park hurriedly ran and sheltered themselves, and Ay La and Ji Zun relied on the huge tree to keep them dry. But, soon enough, the strong rain penetrated the leaves and branches of the tree that the two started to get wet.

"It was so sunny a while ago…" Ay La commented. "The sky's so dark…"

"Come, I'll bring you to my car. Let's stay there until the rain stops." Ji Zun said while he removed his jacket and put it on top of her head to shield her from the rain. "Hold on tight."

"But, how about you… won't you protect yourself from the rain?" Ay La asked.

"It doesn't matter… I just have to make sure you don't get too wet… or else you might get sick afterwards." Ji Zun said with a smile.

Ji Zun pulled Ay La and the two ran together towards his car. Then, Ji Zun hurriedly opened the car with his key and let Ay La enter first. After making sure of her safety, he entered as well.

The rain still continuously poured hard. They decided to stay inside the car and keep themselves warm first before going anywhere else. All of a sudden, a strong sound of thunder echoed in the area.

Ay La jumped in her seat in shock while shaking. Noticing this, Ji Zun asked her. "Are you scared of the thunder?"

"N…No." Ay La said bravely, although fear was plastered all over her face. She swallowed hard.

Then, another boom of an even louder thunder resonated. This time, Ay La got really scared, but, Ji Zun instantaneously pulled her into an embrace. Ay La was terrified of the sound of thunder. She held Ji Zun tight while shaking.

"Thank you… thank you…"Ay La whispered while shutting her eyes completely. "I'm sorry… I'm just really scared of thunder since I was small… I know I'm big now… but…"

A series of loud thunder continuously repeated and Ay La couldn't help but tremble in fear.

Ji Zun held her tight and said gently. "I'm here… I'm here, don't be scared."

Ay La held him tight while closing her eyes.

From that day on, they grew closer and closer to each other while Hua Hua watched their blooming relationship with envy. Zhong Tian, Lee Wei and Wei Men were all witnesses of their intimacy. They often spend their time in the park together.

Few months later…

"Ay La… can I ask you something?" Ji Zun asked while they were having a stroll in the park.

"Yes? What is it?" She asked with a smile.

Unexpectedly, Ji Zun knelt down before Ay La and said. "Can you be my girlfriend? I…I love you…ever since we met."

Ay La's eyes grew wide and her breath escaped her lips. She covered her mouth with her hand while gasping. She was shocked to hear that from her good friend, but, she also felt happy because she also felt the same way.

With a smile, Ay La replied. "Yes, Ji Zun! I want to be with you…"

Then, for the second time, Ji Zun attempted to kiss her again. But, this time, it wasn't accidental. However, the very shy Ay La moved one step backward and blushed.

"Ji Zun… I really love you a lot… but, I still feel shy… I…I've never kissed anyone on the lips before… I don't know how to kiss…" Ay La whispered while slowly catching her breath. "I'm sorry." She quickly added while blushing.

Ji Zun controlled himself and smiled, saying. "I understand, Ay La. It's ok. I'll kiss you when you're ready."

Ji Zun just held her hand and with that, Ay La smiled sweetly. She said to him. "Thank you, Ji Zun… for treating me so nicely. You're so kind."

However, when Ay La's family found out about their relationship, they weren't that supportive because they were scared. Wu Ji Zun is a very rich person while Ay La is just an ordinary girl who didn't have much money. They were afraid that Ji Zun's family might say spiteful things to her. Either that or it could be the other way around. If his family finds out that she's the daughter of the man who saved the baby Ji Zun, they will surely give her all the riches and fame, but, other people might think badly about her.

People might think that Ay La's only sticking to Ji Zun because of her wealth. Her family didn't like that idea. They didn't like to depend on others for anything because that was their primary principle. If Ay La suddenly got rich, it will look as if she clung to him just for money. And so, the Wang family was very worried of Ay La having a relationship with Ji Zun but they couldn't do anything since Ay La really likes him a lot. They can also hear Ay La telling them how nice Ji Zun treats her. Telling her to leave him might break her heart, and they knew that Ji Zun won't give her up so easily either. That is why it is surely a dilemma.