This is the FINAL chapter. It's been great and I love all who read this and hope you enjoyed it as much as me :)

~o~o~o~o~o Will o~o~o~o~o~

I felt a surge of adrenaline as I walked up to Sydney's room. The nurse had promised me that she would make sure I wouldn't be disturbed as long as she could. I really liked her, she obviously knew just how important Sydney is to me.

I opened the door slowly and quietly in case Sydney was asleep, an unnecessary precaution because she was sitting, up staring out the window. My heart broke the instant I saw her. There were IV tubes in her, with a heart monitor, reading a weak pulse. She had waxy skin that was unnaturally pale that made her deep bruises even more noticable. She was skin and bone, and there was no life in her.

I walked slowly and slumped into the chair just before my legs gave out.

Sydney looked at me and a small spark of life alit in her eyes, "Will," Her voice was quiet and broken. It almost made me cry.

I forced myself not to and just took a deep breath, "Sydney I'm so sorry. I feel like I betrayed you. I promised myself I wouldn't let anything happen to you and-"

She did the most unexpected thing, she took my hand. It silenced me instantly. This was something I had wanted for a long time. It felt wrong. Her hands were fragile and small, but it was her. I felt electricity at the contact, and hoped that she felt it too.

"It's not your fault Will. You did all that you could. You didn't leave my side if you could help it. I was stupid and snuck out for some air. Please don't take the blame. I can't take that right now."

I nodded and held her hand firmly, but gently, "The doctors say you might-"

"I know, you don't have to talk about it."

I sighed heavily and cosed my eyes tightly for a minute, "Sydney, there's something I need to tell you, something I've wanted to tell you for so long," My voice cracked and i swallowed, "I have f-"

She puts a cold finger over my lips and smiles, "Don't tell me. Keep it a mystery so I have something to keep me strong. Now I'll have a reason to pull through," She smiled weakly, and said, "Would you do me a favor?"

I nodded, a little disappointed that I couldn't finish my statement.

"She looked away for a minute, with slight embarrassment, "Would you give me a good luck kiss?"

My pulse sped up to hyperdrive. I had never kissed anyone before, but I imagined kissing Sydney all the time. Now I finally will.

I softly touched the side of her face with my free hand, smiled into her eyes, and leaned in for the most perfect kiss. The electricity was explosive in that one small contact.

After that we stuck to small talk, but she never let go of my hand. Eventually the nurse said I have to go so I reluctantly said goodbye.

Before I passed the doorway, she said one last thing.

"Will, thank you for giving me my life back."
I felt a single tear fall at that and nodded before leaving.

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