I was at the cafeteria, waiting to get my food, when Devon comes out of nowhere and grabs me by the arm. "You have to come with me," he demands, tugging me out of the exit. I was a little shocked, okay? It didn't make me react as well as it should have. Devon was that one step-brother, who wove in and out of my life, and then disappeared for days. Maybe that's why I curiously followed him. The entire family was worried, and I wanted to know what he was up too.

He lead me to some bike sheds behind the school, and snuck out a cigarette.

"Devon. Are you on drugs?"

"Sssh," he hushed me, like I was an irritating little sister. I suppose I was, in a way. But that's because I was genuinely concerned about him.

"Sssh for what? There's nobody out here! Spill the beans or I'm calling dad."

"Just shut up for a second. They'll be here any minute."

As he said this, a BMW screeched to a halt on the road outside my school. A slow smile started curving on Devon's lips, leading me to think he knew the people inside. To say I was petrified, was an understatement. Devon and I were both juniors, and didn't know how to drive a car. Anybody who did, was obviously going to be more older and mature than us.

The car door opened, and a sleek boot got out. This was attached to a very beautiful girl, dressed only in a Burberry coat and little else. The way Devon and this girl were giving each other the eyes, it was obvious they had sex. Numerous times. I whimpered as the girl placed one foot on the middle railing, and scaled the fence with ease.

There was no way this was going to end good.

"Devon. You aren't trafficking me, are you?" I asked nervously. I had good reason to be nervous. Devon had once tried to sell me to the candyfloss man, at Disney Park, for an unlimited supply of candyfloss for the rest of his life. Devon was a businessman, like that.

"Just wait and see."

Wow. You've got me in tenterhooks there, buddy. The girl finished climbing the fence, and jumped to the ground with sinister reflexes. A long thigh peeked out from under her coat, and I really wondered if she was wearing nothing under there. There was no point in asking Devon. He couldn't stop drooling that he'd bagged himself a much elder, and sexier girlfriend.

The car door slammed a second time, and a well built guy got out, heavily tattooed. Immediately, I assumed he was the other boyfriend ready to beat Devon to a pulp. I don't know why I felt like protecting that twat. But as the guy kicked a neat hole through the mesh, and ducked through- I pushed Devon slightly behind me, as the pair of gods started walking towards us.

The guy was looking me up and down. He looked like he wanted to snigger.

"Come on, Carla. This was the best you could do?" I heard him mutter to his hot girlfriend. Carla didn't look fazed in the least. She shook back her volumous blonde hair and smiled down at me, rather patronizingly. Both of them had come to a stop.

"Michael is obviously not going to fall for a bimbo. I think she's good. She has the whole naive, innocent thing going for her. We both know Michael enjoys superiority over people weaker than him, and if anything's going to turn him on..."

"Well I'm going down a different route. Let the games begin."

Devon took that moment to shove me out of the way, and grab Carla in a passionate embrace. My mouth were catching flies, as Carla's companion continued watching them without so much as a clenched fist. And they were really going for it. A milky thigh was wrapped around Devon's hip, as he slightly thrust into her. I searched around for any undergrowth to be sick in.

"Stop being a cougar, and pay him," the guy said impatiently.

Carla reached a hand into her busom, and pulled out a brown envelope. "Gladly," she smirked, pressing it into Devon's hands. She turned to me, with an evil look in her eye. "You!" she barked. "You're mine now!"

"Uh, no I'm not," I took a step back. In the distance I heard the bell ring to signal the end of recess.

"Stop fighting," Devon said, running a hand across his face. "Madison, just do what they tell you to do."


"Jesus!" The guy looked startled. "Looks like this is going to be an easy win."

Devon reached out, and took me to the side so we could have a private conversation. I was glad. The way the pair of them were eyeing me like I was a rib of meat, was starting to freak me out. I crossed my arms over my chest, and didn't budge until Devon started talking. "Look, that's Shaun," he pointed at the guy, "And that's Carla." He pointed to the girl. "They're brother and sister, like you and me."

"Oh, that makes it so much better," I said, disgusted.

"They won't traffick you, I promise. They won't make you do anything you're uncomfortable with. All they want is some of your time."

"Enough, to pay you some money?"


He caught hold of my wrist, as I spun to walk away. He must have anticipated I would do this, because there was a pleading look on his face. "Maddy. Don't be mad. I'll split the money with you 50-50, and all you have to do is hang with them."

"I'm not doing any sexual favors."

"Ewwww." He scrunched up his nose in repulsion. "Like I want my baby sister to do that! Just be yourself. Stuck up. Extremely irritating. But sometimes so cute, I feel like I can pinch your cheeks to death!" Devon reached out for my cheeks, and I slapped his hands down. Being a sixteen year-old, the number of aunties who pinched my cheeks were endless. I had a theory they wanted my cheeks to get puffier and puffier, so they always had something to squeeze.

Shaun and Carla were still staring at us, like we were great big losers.

Shooting them daggers, I walked away.

AP Biology was waiting for me.