by : Miyano Ran


this is dedicated to a friend of mine in elementary when we had a pity fight.

I know in the past I've made a mistake,

Wish you'd listen to my apology,

Never meant what transpired in that sad past,

Wishin' our misunderstandings won't last.

Please, please just lend me your ears, why don't you?

Don't you know my words are honest and true?

I hate this empty feeling between us,

Loathe times when you ignore me in the halls.

Is this not talking awful punishment,

Is this guilt that is running through my soul,

Dunno how you feel so please say it out,

Don't want our hearts to turn into black coal

I really want to approach you badly,

But I'm sorta scared of full rejection,

Don't wanna let our friendship turn ugly,

Hope we'll soon accept our imperfection.

First our eyes will meet, stare and sway shyly,

Next we'll both have courage to talk kindly,

Hoping you'd receive my real apology,

To not make our friendship a tragedy

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Saturday, January 29, 2011