Ava / Quiet Love

Three years have passed on and I still haven't become the same person
prior to meeting you because your quiet love has never become
a victim of my weapon, whereas every camera lens that has attempted
to snap a long-lasting memory ended with the appropriate gunshot.

And I recall you questioning the reasoning behind my hidden dreams
and why I hadn't yet given my first try in life, and when you
found your answers, you destroyed all my fears and past mistakes
and assured me not to leave any part of my destiny unpolished.

However, the ultimate land you promised still hasn't given a signal of existence
which thereby causes an atmosphere of wrath to surround me, but then I recall
that God created scorching days to remind us that we don't want to end up in hell,
and so I continue to morally believe in the beautiful moment to come.

Therefore before I place this soliloquy into the mailbox of your soul, I just want to emphasise
that the memory of all that you've done for me is like a foot pressing gently and repeatedly on an echo pedal,
thus constantly telling me to achieve my true potential, and I know someday we'll meet again when you dig up
the roots of utopia searching for the one who has always continued to express high praise for you.