Things happen for a reason right? Some things are supposed to make you stronger. They're supposed to make you hold your head a little higher, and learn from them. They say you'll drive yourself crazy wondering 'what if' because 'what if' isn't a reality. It never was. And what is a reality, you can't change.

Sighing the red head closed her locker tiredly. She could barely keep he eyes open, but that wasn't a new thing for her. She leaned up against her locker blinking her eyes trying to keep them open. What if I just slept for two seconds, she thought. Her eyes fell shut before letting her thoughts drift, thinking about everything and nothing. Ally jumped when she heard her name being called by the brunette down the hall, waving her arms around like a lunatic.

"Ally!" The brunette called again. When Ally finally pulled together the strength to open her eyes, the girls hazel ones were narrowly staring into her own. Ally had always been jealous of her friends beautiful hazel eyes. It seemed she could get whatever she wanted with a bat of those eyes.

"You're not skipping period one again!" Miranda told her sternly, her hazel eyes still staring into Ally's boring green ones. Miranda's gorgeous eyes weren't the only thing she had going for her. Miranda had dark brown, wavy hair too. She had every guy drooling over her, but Miranda didn't date. She had flings, and then they were over. Typically one night stands.

Ally went to retort, but the third of their trio joined the conversation.

"Now, now, Miranda are we lecturing our dear Ally again?" Their friend April joked. The third of their trio, also the oldest, was April. She had beautiful bright blue eyes, with sun blonde hair. April wasn't the stereotypical blonde though. She was a straight 'A' student and was in all AP classes. To Ally it seemed evident that compared to her best friends she was the plain one of the group, especially with her bold red hair and dull green eyes.

Miranda just rolled her eyes at April still staring at a yawing Ally. Ally chuckled and put up a slight smile at her two friends. Miranda and April constantly got into battles over nothing because of their different personalities. It was quite funny Ally thought.

"Really guys," Ally asked. "I'm not two, you know?"

Miranda blinked and looked at her like she was dumb "Yeah well obviously you need some guidance! Not showing up to classes is going to hurt you." The brunette said. April rolled her eyes.

"Well duh Mir, she knows that. She doesn't need you to tell her that." April laughed. Miranda huffed and looked at Ally. Ally held both hands up in surrender.

"It's only one class, come on." She whined, as the bell rang.

"Well, I hate to leave you in the wrath of Miranda, but I've got to make it to class." April stated, taking off down the hall. Ally and Miranda didn't have any classes with April since she was a junior and they were sophomores. Miranda pulled Ally down the hallway. Why can't the girl leave me be? Ally thought to herself rolling her eyes. Unfortunately Miranda always got her way.

That's how Ally ended up in trig for the first time in about two weeks. Walking into the room her eyes narrowed in on the seat next to hers. When she found it empty she unleashed a breath she didn't know she was holding in. Gliding over to her seat, she ignored the stares and the whispers everyone gave. It was their version of why they think Ally was skipping First period. Some were right to a degree, while others were in a whole other direction. When she sat down she looked to the back of the class where Miranda was sitting. Seeing the pity in Miranda's eyes, Ally knew she had heard the whispers too. Ally didn't want Miranda's pity, or anyone's for that matter

"Can't believe the prick is actually absent." She mumbled to herself, thinking maybe luck was on her side today. Once the bell rang Mr. Donald, her Trig teacher, clapped his hands together.

"Okay!" his voice boomed across the classroom, "Everyone get out your pencils. We're taking notes today." Ally sighed, thinking of how desperately she needed to copy down all the notes she had missed if she was going to start coming to this class again. Just thinking about it made her fingers hurt, and her eyes close. She got out her black notebook and a sharpened pencil and started to write down what Mr. Donald was saying. Mr. Donald was a short old man and generally didn't care if you showed up to class or not, which was why it was so easy for her to skip. That and the fact that he never takes attendance, which is why the office had never caught onto Ally's tricks. He figures if you miss the class, that's on you.

Almost twenty minutes into his lecture, the brown door to the classroom opened and everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The prick, though she wouldn't dare call him that aloud, walked in with his books and a green little slip of paper excusing him of his lateness. But she knew he didn't get that from a teacher. Ally knew all of his tricks. Her eyes trickled to the floor as he walked over and took his seat next to her. As his chair scraped against the floor she flinched. Although the prick ignored her as usual, that didn't stop her from sliding to the farthest corner of the table away from him.

He was part of the reason she didn't come to trig. It was the only period she had with the prick. The prick was Ryan Jacobs. He had dark brown hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes Ally had ever seen. But when those beautiful blue eyes are full of ice hate, that's when they're not beautiful anymore. They're dangerous.

Ryan had climbed up the social latter the moment he moved to Benjamin High the middle of sophomore year. Everyone had wanted to know what the new hot kid was like. Ally had to admit she was one of them. Within his first week here he was one of the most popular guys in school. Unlike Ryan, Ally wasn't popular, but she also wasn't a loser. She was just in the middle. She was shy, but like her fiery hair warns, she has a quick temper.

Although Ally had wanted to know what Ryan was like, she wishes she never did. Not only was the prick a sweet talker, but just as Ally he had a fiery temper. Ally was different before he came. She was outgoing, talked to everyone, and most of all, she stood up for herself. The prick broke that piece by piece and he knew it.

Ally watched him out of the corner of her eye. He scribbled down his notes on a piece of paper, as she did. She shifted in her seat, trying to move farther away from him. As she moved the desk lurched forward and the pricks eyes wandered over to her. She squirmed under his gaze as she tried to ignore him. After a minute, he switched his gaze to the teacher and continued to write as he said. She internally sighed in relief. There was a time when she yearned for his gaze, but now it made her sick.

When the bell rang, needless to say she was the first one out. Miranda was right behind her, but she didn't feel like talking to her and she hurried on to her next class, not caring if she was early or not.

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