"Nice way to avoid me after Donald's class!" Miranda said, slamming her tray down across from Ally.

"I wasn't avoiding you." Ally explained, looking everywhere but her best friend.

"I called you seven times" Miranda dully stated.

"I didn't hear you.."

"Sure you didn't" Her friend fired back. Ally knew Miranda wasn't angry, but she wasn't happy either. Ally knew the brunette didn't like being ignored. Ally picked up her fork and pushed her food around on her tray. Is this supposed to be food? She thought. Maybe they got their food mixed up with the slop they feed animals. With a final glace at her tray she pushed it away from her and looked up at Miranda.

"So what's up?" She asked. Miranda only sighed.

"Test next period in Chem," she explained, "I might just die." With another sigh Mir pushed her food away too, eyeing it as if it might eat her instead of her eating it.

"Mir, I'm sure you'll do fi-"

"Why did you leave?" Her friend asked, cutting her off.

"The bell rang." Ally answered like it was the dumbest question in the world.

"Ally, you know what I mean" Miranda warned. Ally rolled her eyes at her nosy friend a bit annoyed. Why couldn't she just drop it? She sighed before answering.

"Miranda, you know wh.." She trailed off watching the front of the cafeteria intently. She watched at the infamous Ryan walked through the doors. Just the sight of him made her want to hide. She watched as the prick walked smoothly to his table and sat with his friends.

She heard Miranda sigh and when Ally turned to face her she could see the pity in her eyes she saw in Trig. Ally had to bite her tongue before she snapped at Mir.

"We need to get him off of your mind." Miranda stated.

"Yeah well that's kinda hard" Ally mumbled quietly, subconsciously moving her hand to her side where the softball sized bruise was. Ally turned her attention to her friend once she realized she was talking.

"…so you should come" Miranda finished. Ally sighed.

"I heard none of that.. Sorry." She said looking at the table in front of her.

"I said, there's a party and Morgan's house tonight, so you should come. Besides, it'll get that thing off your mind." Miranda restated. Ally scoffed, as if she could get that prick off her mind. Every time she looks in the mirror he's there. Ally shook her head.

"No way" She rejected the idea completely. She had no business being at a party.. it wasn't her scene anymore.

"Come on Ally, please!" Miranda whined. Ally rolled her eyes and told her no again. She honestly didn't want to go. She's been to her fair share of parties and there's always someone getting into a drunken fight, people are half dressed, and practically having sex on the stairs. And to be honest, Ally was a lightweight. When she drank, it instantly had an effect on her. Which was probably why when she did go to parties she was trashed pretty quickly.

"Come on, what's the worst that could happen Al?" Miranda asked. Ally almost laughed. Almost.

"Hmm, I drink, I get drunk, Sleep with some random guy- or even worse; someone we know, and possibly puke my guts up. I don't know about you but this doesn't sound like my ideal weekend." Miranda only rolled her eyes at Ally's logic.

"I won't let you drink much, either will April, you know that!" Miranda continued to whine. Ally finally gave in knowing that if she didn't agree right now, April would hunt her down, bound and gag her to bring her to this party.

"Great!" Miranda cheered, "Be at my house by six, then we'll get ready! I've got clothes for you so don't even bother with your stuff." Ally didn't know whether to be offended or grateful. Miranda had a closet full of clothes and not enough days in a year to wear every outfit.

Five minutes before the bell rang, they emptied their trays and wondered to the halls. Once the bell rang, Ally gave Miranda a hug and wished her well on her Chem test. In all honesty, it was easy. Miranda just doesn't study. She chuckled and shook her head as she walked to her next class.

School was pretty uneventful after that. Ally and Miranda didn't have any more classes together except for ninth period. When that rolled around, all she really wanted to do was go home and sleep. Sighing as she watched the clock tick and tick, a small, oddly shaped, and folded up piece of paper landed on her desk. She looked at it and slowly turned around. Miranda was sitting the row next to her but four seats back. Unfolding it she saw Miranda's five year old handwriting.

Stop thinking about everything. I see the look on your face. Think about how fun tonight's gonna be. Party animals!

Ally couldn't help the laugh that escaped her mouth, causing half the people in the room to look at her. Fortunately Mrs. Ferante was old and her hearing not so great. Ally picked up her pencil and scribbled on the piece of paper;

The look on my face is because I'm thinking about tonight… Do I really have to go? What if someone brings her up.. I know it's been two months but I still get the occasional 'how're you holding up All, I know this must be hard on you" shit.

She sighed as she folded up the piece of paper, back into its odd form. In a swift movement when Mrs. Ferante turned her back Ally tossed the piece of paper back, and it landed on Miranda's desk. Ally once again looked at the clock and watched it as it slowly ticked. She couldn't take it! She just wanted to leave already. Ally almost shrieked when the little white piece of paper reappeared on her desk. She unfolded it and attempted to read Miranda's hand writing once again.

1, yes, you have to go. And 2, none will bring her up, I promise All. Everyone knows it's a hard time for you. Trust me hon.

Ally crumpled the note not seeing the point in replying to it and continued to watch the clock. Ally sighed thinking time couldn't move any slower. All she really wanted to do was go home, and bury herself in a book like she's been doing for months now. That was probably why her friends were making her go out tonight.

Ally didn't notice the bell had rung until she saw everyone piling for the door. She stood up with her books and turned to see Miranda by her side.

"So remember, come by at six! We'll all get ready together." Mir said cheerfully. Ally rolled her eyes at the girl.

"Yeah, okay." She mumbled. She still didn't see why she had to go. She wasn't a party person. Well, not anymore. She'd rather be alone at home, reading a book. The two girls parted, going to their lockers. Walking down the hallway Ally flipped through her History book, trying to find the page she had to read tonight for homework. Suddenly the book was knocked out of her hand, and her face collided with someone's shoulder.

"Awe shit, my bad." Said a deep voice. Ally held her nose as it throbbed, and bent down to get the book, but the boy had already beat her to it. Looking up she saw it was Alexander Price. Alexander was the head of the sophomores I guess you could say. He could make or break any guys reputation. He was just as popular with the ladies as he was with the guys. Girls literally bent over backwards trying to get his attention. All of them do. Alexander was a player, and all the girls knew it but somehow they still followed. That's why Ally wasn't surprised when she saw a blonde junior on his arm. Even upperclassmen fell for his good looks and charm. Ally couldn't blame them, Alexander was gorgeous. But she knew better. Alexander was one of Ryan's friends. She was actually surprised he wasn't with him.

Alexander had cropped black hair and baby blue eyes that you could get lost in. He was very muscular, considering he was quarterback for the high school football team. Alexander flashed her one of his gorgeous smiles and winked at her, handing her the textbook back.

"Thanks." Ally muttered out, not caring to talk to him.

"Yeah, no problem gorgeous," He said, his eyes trailing up and down her body. Ally cleared her throat uncomfortably, and Alexander's eyes met hers once again. "You're that girl Ryan used to hangout with, right?" Ally froze, and nodded stiffly.

"Uh, yeah.." She said awkwardly. When Ally looked over to the blonde haired girl she was giving her a dirty look. Ally could've laughed thinking how dumb the girl was. Did she not know that Alexander wasn't hers no matter what lines he fed her? Ally ignored the look and brought her attention back to the dark haired boy. He chuckled and rolled his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak again but stopped when the girl he was with leaned up and started whispering in his ear. Ally couldn't hear what she was saying and she was grateful. She could tell that she didn't want to with the way Alexander's lips pulled up into a smirk.
"That sounds like fun Whitney," he murmured, wiggling his eyebrows. The girl frowned for a moment.
"It's Brittany," she muttered. Alexander rolled his eyes and held onto the girl a little tighter and pulled her as he started walking past Ally.
"Close enough."

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