My heart raced as I pushed myself to run farther. My legs burned and my lungs were ready to burst, but I kept going. I couldn't let them reach me. If I died, I'd die on my terms, not theirs! I was about to dive for a cave to catch my breath in for a moment, when I heard a scream like a banshee. I wish it was a banshee. Anything is better them. But either way, it scared me and I tripped.

"We're coming, Liam!" That voice. It sent a chill up my spine. Those memories haunted me. Ever since I'd first discovered anime, one fear has rocked through me. I desperately tried to make my muscles move. I was so exhausted, though. There was no way I was going to make it, but I'd at least get one more look at the sky. I looked up, and almost screamed.

"Sierra!" I exclaimed. "Don't scare me like that." Sierra was my best friend. She had been for years.

"Don't worry! You know I'm not one of them! I came to help you out!" With that, she lifted me by my arms and started dragging me to the cave.

"No! You can't! If they find you, they'll kill you! I'll just give you away! Run! Just go!"

"It's not like I can survive on my own anyways. The world's finally gone to madness and you're the only one that can help me out. They won't find us. Well, they won't if you'd shut up!" I listened to her and remained silent, though my heart rate grew faster each moment we remained in the open. I knew Sierra was strong for her age, but my weight combined with all of the obstacles of the forest in her way, it was still taking a while. Too long. She did get us to the cave, but by that time, they were upon us.

"No!" I screamed as they grabbed Sierra in a jealous rage. She disappeared into the mob, and I knew she was a goner. Then they reached for me.

"Come to us, Liam. You belong with us." I kicked, hit, and screamed at them, but was drawn into their grasp regardless. In the end, I didn't stand a chance against the fangirls.