People are emotional beings. Now this can be a good thing but it can also be a very bad thing. Because of emotions, people lie. It might be a simple lie, such as "I'm okay" even though you are not. Or it can be much bigger, like "No I'm not having an affair" when you really are. Whatever the lie is, they fall from people's lips as easily as lungs draw air.

People might not intend for others to get hurt when they lie but the truth is that lies can only hurt people, no matter if they are meant to protect and shield or to deceive. Many are skilled in the art of lying because it is such a coming part of now-a-day life that we don't even stop to think about the consequences that could happen when we lie. Even a well meaning lie, like saying you're okay when you're not, could hurt someone and/or yourself.

People know that lies hurt everyone, yet they continue to do it due to either their emotions or someone else's emotions. They lie for either no reason, or because they are trying to protect themselves or to protect others, even though most lies tend to back fire and cause more pain than they are created to protect from.

So why do people still lie? Why do we continue to twist the words in our favor, no matter what happens in the after process? Why do we trick others for our liking? Why do we try to protect our loved ones by not telling them the truth?

Why do people lie?