"We'll always be friends at the least, surely?" he says
Outside my window, the clouds conquer the brilliant moon
I swoon; because I know I will always want more;
Close enough to chafe until we're weary and sore

Stolen by this sleepless thief in cold comfort and heated debate
Where between us love is equally strong as hate,
The fairy lights keep the dead night watch with me
And we self-flagellate quietly in the corners of our rooms

A tenuous link, to be sure – I have never been surer
Lucidity always comes at a price, and sometimes I can afford to pay
(Just for a day)
That with which I should not consort.

Tick, tock, says my talking clock
We chatter incessantly, words upon words
In the absence of physical possibilities, they must do
Veering to the extremes which I know are just waiting;

Oh, these lovely implications of valleys and mountains
They're all just waiting, you know, like Darkest Peru
(An incantation – me and you – so terror is an absentee)