The drunken and hiccupping call of adventure
Invites us to strip and swim up the Serpentine.
This is a naughty night for swimming in.
This would be a good night to go mad in.

With all this lighter fluid in my veins
I haven't felt fear for a thousand years.
For ten thousand, I haven't felt anything.
But I drag on anyway, to the cliff and the Devil.

Oh, I'm old and I'm old and
I'm young and I'm young and
The sad day is over, the night is begun.
You cannot escape, the night will outrun.

Come on out of the shadows, my people,
And walk the long way home with me.
Come stumbling out of the alleys, my friends,
And laugh the bleak London laugh with me.
Come creeping across the rooftops, my lovers,
And create the black act upon me, upon me.

Why dost thou whip that whore? Strip thine own back.
The painter of our genus muddies white with black
And sin is a legend about a mere lack of tact.

Innocence is a lie to cripple the cruelty
That runs so naturally in the child of Man.
One child to another says, Fee fi fo fum...
And we, children all, to the dark town come.