It was hundreds of years ago when the Orcs and Fae had a war that shook the whole Deific Realm-a world parallel to the Mortal Realm where all the divine beings, called deities, belong. It did not end well.

For years the Orcan clans were ridiculed by the other kingdoms-the Elves, the Fae and the Nymphs. The Orcs were called the armpit of the Deific Realm and were given a low priority during judgments, mainly brought forth by the rumors saying the Orcs originated from animals-beasts, abominations, which belong to the lowest Realm in the universe-and that is why they are ruled most of the time by instinct and not divine intelligence.

It was after the Day of the Feast-the day where all kingdoms unite to celebrate a blessed festival-that the incident happened. At the break of dawn, screams ripped the air in the Orcan Lands as their once pure River of Mortys greeted them with a blood red hue. There, in the sacred river, floated tens of bloodied Orc bodies. Dead.

Hungry for revenge, day and night the Orcs searched for any evidence that may lead to the culprit of the massacre-the massacre that led to the loss of roughly twenty innocent lives. And their hard work bore fruit.

They found Fae feathers.

The Meeting of the High Orc and the High Fae

Two menacing figures stood face-to-face in a vast clearing, both emanating very powerful auras that would make any deity cower in fear. Albeit they were roughly ten feet apart, they could clearly feel each other's power, stretching through the ten-foot distance, carrying a dangerous threat-if ever one of them attempts to exhibit brutality.

Despite the fact that they were both clad in archaic warriors' armors, they look fairly mortal. This is because showing the true form requires quite an amount of divine energy or Divina and maintaining the appearance may slowly drain their Divina, which is precious for a deity.

When they spoke, the wind died down. The night stilled. Leaves refused to rustle.

"We all know what had occurred a month ago, during the night of the Day of the Feast." The High Orc started, his booming voice echoing throughout the forest. There were no need for introductions. "And we have come to discover Fae feathers in the scene of the...massacre. Also, a while ago when we called for the Guardian Wolf of the East, it said there was a faint smell of Fae, meaning a couple of Fae just recently went to Mortys. Mortys is very far from your land. Nothing valuable for the Fae is there. How can you explain this?"

The Fae sighed. That issue has been making her head ache everytime. "I can assure you, the Queen herself told me the records show that no Fae had crossed any of the gateways leading to the Orcan Lands."

"The gateways aren't the only means to get to our land."

"Are you insinuating that the Fae conjured up dark magic? Are you insane?"

"But it is not impossible."

"The Fae are the most religious deities. We would never break our oaths. We swore our lives on that."

"Fae. Let us finish this already. I don't know of the shenanigans of your kind. Don't make it harder for both of us!" He bellowed. "The Fae need only to offer twenty of their kind to the Animate Realm-"

"The queen would never allow that! It is unjust!" She yelled.

"This is your responsibility-"

"I refuse." she hissed. The purple of her eyes slowly brightened with burning rage, boring into the eyes of the man standing a couple meters before her. The man who bombarded their clan with a thousand false accusations. Anger bubbled up inside her. She was already reaching her limit into succumbing to her true form. She wanted nothing but to roast this atrocious beast alive or throw him to a storm and strike him with a thousand lightnings. He was the epitome of a beast. Ruled by instinct.

He chuckled, undaunted. She intensified her glare. A thunder boomed not far from the clearing they were in. His amusement immediately died and was replaced by an expression of utter contempt. "Your kind is the reason for all of this. To think that you would resort to brutality as a means to get rid of us, the abominations-"

"We did not kill your deities. How many times do I have to repeat that, Orc?" She spat out, the words rolling off her tongue venomously.

His raised his eyebrows. "Are you threatening me now?"

"I am not. This is a warning. Don't you dare start a war."

It was his turn to be furious. "Stop acting innocent!" At his anger, his disguise faded. His once cerulean eyes darkened into an ugly shade of a rotten eggplant. His hair lengthened until it reached his waist, tinting itself black as the dead of night from the roots down. The calm look he always possessed was wiped out as he grew pointed ears and sharp talons and sprouted clawed wings. He emitted an extremely dangerous aura.

"You really like to play games with me, Marcus." She shook her head. She summoned her true form. Exorior.

With the spell, she felt her skin lighten, glowing slightly as power rushed in her veins. Her hair tumbled down from its bun-golden-white streaks replacing her dull, brown locks. Vine-like tattoos spread all over her body from her heart, only ending halfway the back of her hand, at her feet, and reaching up to her neck. Slowly, light wings sprouted from her back, unfolding themselves. The wings were like smoke, almost transparent, made up of heavenly wisps of energy instead of feathers. As the last stage of change started she opened her eyes, the green in them starting to illuminate and change its hue to bright hazel, her lashes thickening, tinting itself dark green to accentuate her stunning eyes.

The transformation, which seemingly took ages, actually only lasted for less than a minute. She then looked at the Orc who was looking at her with an incredulous impression.

"You're such an eyesore." Jealousy. Tsk. This was getting on her nerves.

"You're the one to talk, Beast." She hissed. She was done for.

At that he snapped. A "beast" is an offensive and deeply insulting term for an Orc, not to mention a High Orc. It is like saying that they deserved to be put in the Animate Realm, where the "beasts" reside. These beasts possess part-animal part-human souls and rely mostly on instinct, thus making them brutal, cannibalistic monsters-abominations.

His eyes darkened to a dangerous hue. "We will surely come for you."

She firmly held her ground. "Let us see, then."


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