Hello again!^^ I just have too many unpublished stories in my laptop, and now I'm posting it one by one before I get lazy again! Now I'm just so enthusiastc :) Hope you enjoy this one again. This story is kinda based on my real life back in high school, though there was no guy. LOL :P I study in a Chinese school and we studied Chinese History (lishi) and I miss it badly. You will encounter some italicized terms here which are Chinese words we used in school. Basically, this is my school life, minus the guy. :) I could only dream for now. XD By the way, the setting is in the PHILIPPINES, with the Chinese community. The schools and courses here are not my conjectures...they are all real. You could look them up :)




I don't believe in persistent pursuing… I just believe in Destiny.

Until now, I still do. It has been more or less four years since I've actually got a chance to talk to her in person. Sure, we have seen each other from time to time but I received nothing more but soft, distant smiles. Oh, and by 'her', I meant Destiny Lim. She's a special friend of mine since elementary back in Saint Jude Catholic School. We met each other during fourth grade when we became classmates for the first time. We instantly became friends since we shared the same interest which no one else did. It was Chinese History, or as we would call it- Li Shi.

Yes, Li Shi, the very hard Chinese subject which most students dread. We also liked fifth grade Chinese Geography, Di Li, and the sixth grade Li Shi but the Li Shi taught in high school was the best. Unlike the rest, we enjoyed learning Li Shi and found interest in memorizing long lines of wen ta's. During our high school days, we loved the exciting yet nervous feeling of walking towards the kao chang right before the test started. For some reason, we would get thrilled whenever lao shi starts screaming at the top of her lungs. We exchanged notes often and compared our pu chong. I constantly helped her put guo in in her jiang yi. We were happy listening to discussions in class everyday. Both of us also enjoyed swimming, although we weren't part of the varsity team. I liked Science a lot while she loved English. Destiny was quite shy, though, so unfortunately, she wasn't able to act in any school play until graduation. We were also both part of the choir during Saturday masses. We were both good students, too. Truly, Destiny and I had a lot in common. I miss being with her. I really miss my alma mater; I miss high school. I miss the retreats, the field trips, the school fairs, the Saturday masses, the sports fests, the programs, the parties… everyone. Those were the good old days.

My name is Calvin Gosengfiao. I'm currently 21 years old and I just graduated as Magna Cum Laude in the Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science from the Faculty of Arts and Letters in the University of Santo Tomas. I will enroll in UST's Faculty of Civil Law this coming school year. I want to be a successful lawyer. Lawyers always have this awful reputation of being 'liars'. When I become a full-fledged lawyer, I will disprove that. I won't do anything to taint a lawyer's name. Justice should be served correctly. That has always been my principle; that is why I want to be a lawyer. I graduated as 1st Honorable Mention, placing third in my batch, in Saint Jude Catholic School. Destiny was not a consistent honor student, but she strove hard. I can really see her perseverance up until now.

I really like her. I really do. No, maybe I don't just 'like' her. Now, I love her, I just know it. I've been crushing on her since high school. You know, she's a girl with huge dreams and aspirations. I guess, by now, she would have graduated Bachelor of Science in Public Health in University of the Philippines Manila. She wants to be a doctor and she told me that it was a goal that she would never let go of. She didn't have grades as high as I did, nor was she ranked in the top ten. But, for me, she's the smartest, prettiest, kindest, most amazing girl I've ever met. I wonder how she's doing now.

During our high school graduation ceremony, I confessed my feelings to her. At that time, everyone was in tears, hugging each other as if it would be the last. We were all emotional. We couldn't help it. After all, we batch mates are practically family. We've known each other for thirteen long years and separation was quite an agony. The confession was the most nerve-wrecking thing I did, not the part where I receive my medal on stage. I really had guts, didn't I? But, as expected, she got really shocked. At first, she didn't respond. I got scared, thinking that she didn't like what I said. I love reminiscing that day.

"Hey." I wore a nervous smile while clutching her shoulder. "Hey Cal~ happy graduation to all of us, let's celebrate in the farewell party later! Congratulations smarty-pants, you've done it again!" Giggling, she jumped around excitedly while holding her camera. "Let's take a picture!" She said while pulling me. "Oh, alright~" I grinned while smiling at the camera. "One-two-three…cheese!"

After the picture was taken, I took a deep breath and said. "Des, I have something to tell you." "What is it?" She asked curiously. I was shaking as I swallowed hard. "Good luck in college!" "You, too, Cal! You better do well in law school!" She responded merrily while punching me at the arm lightly. Wow, I was such a coward. "No, wait." I said seriously. "Yes?" She paused and stared at me. "I... I like you, Des." I said softly. "I know that, I like you, too, silly! We're almost like family, right?" I sighed. Why didn't she comprehend what I just said? Jeez. I took another shot at it. "I mean, I really… really like you." "I know that, okay. Look, they're having a class picture! Let's go!" She responded while gesturing me to go with her. "No, Des, I mean…" She looked at me worriedly. "What's wrong? You're acting strange." I shook my head and assured her that I was fine. Then, I proceeded. "I have a crush on you."

Her footsteps halted as she turned around to face me with that surprised expression. Both of us couldn't utter a single word after that. It was awkward. I was so stupid! Our friendship was going so well, and I had to ruin it by confessing. What I did wasn't a smart move! Maybe she hates me now. I sighed with relief when I saw her smile at me gently. What would be her reply? What did I want anyway? Why did I confess in the first place? Weren't we too young to be in a relationship? What kind of answer did I exactly want from her? I didn't know. I couldn't understand myself and my actions. I just looked at her expectantly while foolishly not even knowing what I want to expect. My heart was pounding fast. I must be turning red by now.

"Okay." She said, getting back to her bubbly self. "So, let's go there with our classmates now!" I was so shocked that she just replied me with an 'okay'. What did she mean by that? Before she could start walking away, I asked nervously. "What do you mean by that? I don't want any misunderstandings. I just want to clarify…" She grinned and said. "Okay. Okay means I know you have a crush on me. That's it. We're still best of friends, right?" "But… I mean, you're not mad at me? What do you feel about me, then?" I asked while feeling my heart thump so fast as though it would explode. "Cal, I feel that we're too young for these matters." She said honestly with a smile. "I think we should concentrate on our studies first. After college, when we're old enough, ask yourself again if you still like me. Well, if you haven't found any new crush, that is. It's still too early to say or do anything, okay? But for now, we're best friends, okay?" A small smile tugged the edge of my lips. Everything she said was completely right. I loved her for that. I pulled her into an embrace and said. "Thanks, Des. I will really miss you."

I got out of the bathroom after a nice warm shower. It was nice recalling the memories. I dried my hair with the towel while sitting on my bed. I opened my laptop and logged in Yahoo to check my mail. Apparently, Des was online! During our college years, we have been communicating online when we weren't too busy. Like what she said, we were best friends but we didn't have any strings attached. I was always happy when I saw her name in the 'online contacts' since we rarely had the time to meet each other since high school.

I nervously clicked on her name and out came the chat box. I took a deep breath and typed a few words. Hi! Are you busy? How are you? :D After a few seconds, I saw the words 'Destiny is typing'. Wow, she's fast! I patiently waited. After another few seconds, out came her reply. Hi Cal, long time no talk! I'm doing well! I'm not really that busy! In fact, I opened the computer just now to play Farm Ville. I'm finally a graduate of Public Health! How about you? :) I was so happy that my smile never dissipated. I typed back to her. We ended up chatting.

Calvin: I've just graduated Political Science in UST! This June I'm entering Law School in UST! Are you going to pursue medicine? ^_^

Destiny: Of course! Hey! I've got good news! =)

Calvin: Great! What is it? O.o *curious*

Destiny: I'm quitting UP! Haha!

Calvin: What? How is that good news? Why the heck are you quitting? :(

Destiny: Well, Public Health really stressed me out! It's really difficult! My scores are not that high, too. D= I'm afraid to study Medicine in UP! I might die! .

Calvin: Aw, jeez! Well, you can't quit! Where are you going to study Med School then?

Destiny: I'm studying in UST's Faculty of Medicine and Surgery! We'll see each other again! That's the good news! XD

I silently stared at the monitor of my laptop with my mouth opened. I couldn't believe it! Soon enough, my emotions burst out and the next thing I know, I was screaming at the top of my lungs in joy. Maybe this is what I've always been waiting for. When I assess myself, I'm a hundred percent sure that I'm still in love with her.

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