Love Split

Love is a confusing thing
Don't you think?
If only we could ignore that tingling
And our faces going pink
We like one person, then the next
We smile when we get their text
But what of the other we like?
The one that has always been there?
By your side since you were a tyke
People and you all agreed you make the perfect pair
They say "FINALLY! You're together!
Everyone has waited so long"
They think it'll last forever
But our feelings inside are messed up and wrong
We try not to let them show
We try to let the feelings of another go
We find that we cannot
And are filled with a feeling of guilt
We just wish we can find a place to rot
What of these feelings we built?
We don't want to lie
We find ourselves asking why
What journey has now begun?
With emotions that just don't belong