Little Workers


Year 2100

"But Mr. White, this could be the revolution of a lifetime." He pleaded.

"No. I will not accept this. This is inhumane. It's not the way of life." The president was standing, staring outside the window watching his daughter giggling with her mother out in the rosy garden, where security guards searched the area in their silk black suits and microphones looking for potential bombs as always.

"Let me ask you this, how far do we really get with them just running around destroying things and curious about stuff they have no right to be curious about? What do we gain from them when they're outside playing games that we all know the ending of? What do we gain from that? We would gain so much more if they worked in factories instead of playing outside."

"And who would they grow up to be?" James White retorted back. "Will they really be happy when they're older? What you're talking about is murder and I'll never agree to this." He stopped looking out the window and turned right to the Vice President. Whom he had no choice but to hire at the elections nearly 8 years ago.

"You know what those scans showed. The planet is no longer stable. We must move onto the new planet, we can build factories and become much more advanced than Earth, but this time using what God has given us plenty of: Children.

"And bring back the horrors of Child Labor? Bring back that history that we've steered clearly from? Johnson, are you insane? Do you really want to bring back the unsafe conditions, the dying children? The fire?" James clenched and unclenched his fists, he knew all the Vice President wanted was to use children to his advantage, but as long as he is ruling America, he won't let it happen.

"The solution is quite simple in fact. Make. The. Damn. Factory. Safer." Johnson said, as if the answer was clear as day. He relaxed into the leather chair; he wore a smug smile on his face.

"As long as I am president of this country, I will never allow this to happen." James said flatly, his finger reaching for the red button to call security. Johnson's cold blue eyes flickered to James' fingers, and chuckled underneath his breath.

"The solution to that is quite simple as well. You would have to die." Johnson said, standing up suddenly with his left arm in his back pocket. His pale blue eyes a deadly shade. James wore a perplexed look on his face and looked quickly out the window to his laughing daughter.

"You wouldn't." James stuttered.

"Ah, but I will." As fast as lightning Johnson swiped a handgun 480 out of his back pocket and aimed it at James.

"Any last words?" Johnson sneered, walking slowly towards James, hoping to get him against the wall.

"Yes, actually I do. SECURITY!" James' fingers reach for the red button but Johnson has James on the floor before he was even able to touch the blazing red button.

"Ah, your poor, poor, wife and daughter, what will they think when they find out that you're dead?"

Johnson takes James' shoulder and nails him into the wall, he violently whispers against James' ear. James avoided his glare but instead stared at the fiery red button that mocked him with every thump dda thump his chest made, with every last breath he took.

"Haven't you forgotten that this is a soundproof room? Meaning that no matter how loud you scream, nobody will hear? That also counts for gunshots." A deadly laugh leaves his mouth as he pulls the trigger of the handgun, the shot was loud, but the guards outside heard nothing. James' scream would be the worst scream that Johnson would ever hear. James' daughter knew though, outside, she looked up at her father's den right before the shot was fired, and cried when the bullet hit her father's head.

Johnson chuckled as he sat down to the place where James used to sit. He carefully took out a formal piece of paper that will encourage Child Labor for the new world and carefully but expertly duplicated James' signature. Johnson folds the paper carefully and cautious not the rub the ink, puts it back into his suit pocket and walks out the door right past the security. It wouldn't be until 5 hours later when the next security guard will check on the president only to find him dead. By then it was already too late. Johnson walked right into the courthouse to pass the bill for child labor in the New World and already got what he wanted.

Later that exact year, the ship planning to carry over 20 million people was completed and ready to go to the new world which would only take 8 months to get to. The ship's captain and king of the people, was John Johnson.