The Three Rabbits

Once upon a time, three little rabbits lived their lives happily chewing their carrots hundreds of miles away from home. The smartest of the rabbits was Katniss, who thought about her actions very clearly. Her younger sisters, Katie and Kenya were just little youngsters who thought their life would never be in danger, and carrots will always be plentiful. While they were cleaning their soft white fur, a small yellow bird swooped down chirping loudly.

"Danger is near! The fox is here!" The bird chirped ominously and flew off as suddenly as it came.

"A fox?" Katie exclaimed alarmed. Kenya, instead of saying anything, pretended to faint, in the process choking on her carrot.

"Agghh!" Kenya chokes.

"Yes, a fox." Katniss said calmly. Katniss studied the bushes and shrubs around them while Katie and Kenya unsuccessfully came up with plans on an escape route.

"How do we even know that the fox will be coming to this meadow?" Kenya said, her lower lip quivering with fright.

"That's the thing, we don't know, but we will leave either way." Said Katniss, who already had a plan made up in her mind.

Katie, who is the second smartest of the bunch, was the first to reply,

"What, we're going to go back to our parents' house and cry about how bad life is here since there's a puny little fox on its way?" Katniss stares at Katie for a while for that was exactly what she was planning.

"Yes." Katniss says dumbfounded. Katie, who was obviously kidding, stared back at Katniss flabbergasted.

"You've got to be kidding me." Katie says, already grabbing as many carrots as possible.

"Wait what's going on, are we going to Mom and Dad's place?" Kenya asks, obviously not paying attention. Katniss took a long sigh and stared at Kenya for a long time before answering.

"Yes, yes we're going to Mom's and Dad's for a while, anyway, don't you think it's about time we visit them danger or not?" Katniss explains, already knowing this was a great idea.

"I guess." Katie and Kenya mutters in unison. Satisfied, Katniss turns away, hopping over to some sacks and emergency carrots.

"Well girls, let's pack up. We have a long journey ahead of us." Katniss says, standing on her hind legs taking charge of her siblings.

The next morning at the crack of dawn, they ventured out of the forest, nervously moving, they hopped at a moderate pace, pausing whenever something suspicious crept up behind them or when they heard snapping sounds.

"We'll never get there at this rate!" Kenya exclaims, as the sun indeed was already set and they haven't even reached the bridges yet.

"Don't worry, we'll see the bridges soon, and when we do, we'll rest then cross them the next day okay?" Katniss reassured thinking that the bridges shouldn't be too far now.

"Whatever." Kenya mutters, stopping to grab the fifth carrot out of her bag.

"You won't have any carrots by the time we make it to Mom and Dad's." Katie says, reaching over to grab the carrot from Kenya's grasp.

"Hey stop it, that's my carrot!" Kenya screams snatching the carrot form Katie's grasp.

"Shut up, you two, I'm trying to find the bridges before the fox arrives!" Katniss exclaims, growing incredibly frustrated with them.

"Too late," A voice like ice travels down the rabbits spines. "You won't live to see the bridges, such a pity. But life is life." The three rabbits turned around slowly only to come face to face with the one predator they feared most: The fox.

"RUN!" Katie screams at the top of her lungs, all three rabbits followed Katie's lead and ran north until Kenya tripped over her own paws and fell over. Katniss and Katie ran back to her aid, but the fox already had them cornered. The fox's orange coat shone in the dark, and Katniss came to a solution.

"On the count of three, run in different directions, Kenya, go west, you should hit a bridge, Katie, go east, you should hit another bridge, and I'll go north, we'll meet on the other side okay?" Katniss didn't even wait for them to respond, suddenly shouting, "Three" they all sprinted in different directions leaving the fox confused and angry.

The fox, being dumb as he was, went for Katie, Katie who was not quite fast enough to outrun the fox, decided to head the opposite direction that the fox was going. Going right through the fox, she dodged his giant razor sharp teeth, and sprinted faster. Losing the fox she continued running for some distance, Katie went through the shrubs to go to the bridge.

After of what felt like an hour run, she finally found the Glass-Made Bridge, famous for its beautiful arcs and its beautifulness. But no later after she found it, the fox also found her. Katie dashed from the shrubs and onto the bridge, on the way picking up a decent sized rock. Aiming the rock at the fox's head, she throws it but misses. Instead, the rock hits the glass bridge causing a giant crack that destroys the entire bridge. Along with the bridge, Katie and the fox plummet into the canyon far below never to be seen again.

Although Katie wasn't lucky, Kenya wasn't very well off either. She was lost, not knowing where to go until finally she met up with a bridge made of sticks. Thinking that this must be the bridge that Katniss was talking about, Kenya ran across the bridge without a second thought, not knowing that there was a giant hole in the middle of the bridge. Kenya ran right into the hole and fell a 500 foot drop into the river below. Her last thought was of course, "What's going to happen to my carrots?"

Katniss, who was the luckiest of the bunch, got away from the fox. Knowing that her plan worked, she slowed to a slow walk, hoping that her sisters were okay. Finally she came across the stone bridge that had been there for hundreds of years. Before proceeding, Katniss found a fairly large rock to throw against the bridge. Using all her strength, the rock fell heavily against the stone bridge causing a loud clank when stone met stone. Suddenly, the stone bridge gave way, and crumpled, one by one, Katniss watched as the stone broke.

"Thank god I wasn't on that bridge." Katniss mutters, "I better find the others." Katniss hopped over to the glass bridge that wasn't too far off from where she was standing only to find nothing but glass shards splattered on the ground and the glass bridge gone.

"What happened?" Katniss says, her voice nearly breaking. What if Katie's not okay? Katniss thinks, then hops as fast as her little legs could carry her to the other bridge only to find a stick bridge with a gaping hole in the middle and no sign of her sister Kenya. Katniss knew that the most unfortunate fate had overcome her sisters and she was on her own.

"Katie, Kenya, I'm sorry." Katniss sobs. After days of waiting for their return, Katniss decides to leave back for the meadow. Saying her final goodbyes, she left her sisters in the canyon and continued her life elsewhere.

Moral: Even if the bridge is made of stone, knock it before you cross.