Casey's POV

All I could think of while typing my English essay was Connor, he slipped in my mind more often than chocolate. His dreamy blue eyes haunted my daydreams and his soft lips made me salivate for his taste. I imagined him, picturing him how he always looked; beautifully messy. His brown hair ruffled and sexy. The very thought of him made me mad.

I couldn't wait until Monday when I would see him again, his grin, his eyes... his everything. I was drawn to him like a bug to the light. But now you have to concentrate on your essay. I told myself. I had put off writing this essay for a long time...

As I may have not mentioned my grades kind of slipped when I was busy being the "Queen Bee." Between the shopping, the hanging out with guys, the busy life at home and everything, I had kind of forgotten about grades. Which was awful since I had been the top student in IB. The most competitive and cut-throat program offered at my school.

I sank in self pity... the essay would be due on Monday, the very next day, and I only a couple of words on the page:

By: Cassie Lindsay, Room- 45

The words mocked me. They stared back at me, and I know that that's impossible but I swear to god that I'm not lying. I stared at the writing for several minutes, knowing that it looked wrong... something was wrong. I traced the every letter in my mind over and over trying to figure it out.

Dumbfounded, I gasped. I pushed away from my desk and my head started pounding. Of course. I thought. Without further due I got up from my chair and ran to the bathroom where I pulled open every drawer and cursed when I couldn't find the little tube of dye.

"What the hell?! Where is it!"

I ran around my bathroom like a mad woman trying to find it. Once I found it, I dyed my hair just as hastily as I did the last time. It was a darker brown than my original hair color but it looked good so I left it. Blonde streaks, out.

"Next." I breathed.

I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that I actually missed the feeling of my glasses on my nose. I fixed that quickly by pulling out my contacts and concentrated on my breasts that were being pushed out of my shirt by my push-up. I then changed into my old, worn and comfortable bra. I pulled a t-shirt from my drawers and put it on. I looked back at myself and I couldn't believe how different I looked. But a good different.

I changed out of my heels into sneakers and put on some jeans.

"Hi, Casey. Long time no see." I smiled at myself in the mirror and walked back to my desk where I sat back down and sighed. I pushed my glasses further up my nose and stared at the computer screen, changing the few words to:

By: Casey Lindsay, Room- 45

"There." The second I changed the few words, ideas started flowing into my brain for the essay and as I typed I wondered just how much Mandy's nose hurt at the moment. I smiled. A lot. I thought greedily to myself.

I finished my essay an hour and a half later and went straight to bed where I thought long and hard of what I would say to Connor, to Mandy...to everyone. It doesn't matter, you have to concentrate on your grades... be a good girl, like you were before. I thought and that was the last thing in my mind before I fell asleep.

The first one to notice the change was Kate. Good old Kate. I stood outside the school in the parking lot, I had gotten a ride to school from my mom who had definitely noticed my change.

"Oh." She had said. The word was like a dagger to my heart, I paused for a moment and doubted myself, but only for a moment. But I didn't care about what my cold-hearted mom thought.

"Cassie!" Kate screeched as she ran across the parking lot. I covered my face with my hand. Oh god. I thought. I watched as her face dropped. Her smile faded as she looked me up and down.

"Cass-" I stopped her right there. I jerked my hand up and began talking "Kate, you're sweet, you really are," I didn't lie. Kate reminded me of a playful lost puppy. Always happy and fun yet she had no brain. "But I'm Casey, if you don't want to be my friend that's cool, but this is the real me." I talked to her with the voice you might use with a child. It took a moment to sink in. She opened her mouth trying to say something but I walked away from her with a smile on my face and a new feeling of accomplishment.

I paused behind the doors to the school. I knew what I would see. Everyone giving me high-fives and then noticing I wasn't Cassie anymore. It seemed like the moment I stepped onto the tiled floor dozens of eyes looked me up and down. Everyone turned around and continued with their drama. No one cared about Casey, they wanted Cassie, but I wasn't about to go get her.

No one noticed the girl who was hiding behind her glasses and clutching her books like they were the only weapon left in the zombie apocalypse. No one wanted a nerd as a girlfriend, they were all too superficial; and I was just fine with that.

"Cassie." I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around ready to slap that motherfucker, "Jak"- I stopped mid-word. "Connor..." I said bemused. My cheeks flared red and I saw the grin on his face. "No, Sir Asshole Jake has been beat up by an infamous character named Connor, please leave a message." He smirked and I smirked back.

"Ready?" He asked grabbing my hand.

"For what?" I asked, a smile spread on my face.

"We're going on an adventure." I watched as a smile tugged at the corner of his lips and his eyes lit up. His wonderful blue orbs...

"It's raining." I said trying to hide my smile.

"Perfect. Just like last time." I smiled thinking about the bike ride in the rain. The pure spontaneous-ness of it all. How we had just hopped on a bike and skipped class. I remembered how wrong it seemed the first time, and how easy it had been to just forget about school work.

"But... that's skipping."

"Just like last time." He chimed.

"Wait, before we go..." I said, "Where are your glasses?"

He fake-frowned and held them up. I pushed them onto his nose. I just smiled.


I took his hand.

Good girl act starts tomorrow.

The End...

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