Princess Sandra was never very pretty. She was the oldest daughter of the current King and Queen in the kingdom of Samson. Her black hair was always ragged no matter what the royal stylist tried. Her skin was pale and crinkled and she had bags around her eyes from a very young age. Her parents loved her, but feared that the kingdom needed a better looking queen than Sandra. So, they kept her a secret from the world, never allowing her to leave the castle. Inside the castle, she was always very lonely. She spent her childhood learning to bake the finest cookies in the land with the help of the royal baker and became good friends with the baker's son. But as she grew older, she began to wonder about what was out there in the world that her parents so sorely hid her from. With the help of the baker's son, Sandra ventured off into the nearby city. There, she was harshly criticized by the citizens and was stoned in the streets. Once she returned to the castle, the King and Queen were very upset, scolding her for misbehaving. But Sandra didn't care about how upset her parents were. She was far too focused on getting revenge on the cruel citizens.

As Sandra grew older her parents had another child. This child, unlike Sandra, was beautiful from her moment of birth. They named her Tatiana, and knew that she would be a perfect queen for Samson. Meanwhile, Sandra had begun stealing books from the royal magician and reading them in her room at night. She also began to fall in love with the baker's son, who had grown to be the royal baker after his father's retirement. But when her parents told her that Tatiana would take the throne, Sandra had mixed feelings about it. As the eldest child, it was tradition that she take the throne, but it would forbid her from marrying the baker's son. Sandra eventually accepted the idea, but with a secret hate towards her young sister.

The baker's son and Sandra were married soon, and they would live together in the castle. They spent a few happy years together, until the King died of the plague. The widowed Queen was forced to marry a King from another kingdom. This King was wicked and cruel. His first act of cruelty was to banish Sandra from the kingdom and make her a public enemy. As Sandra fled the castle, she watched as her husband was killed by the King's soldiers. She ran from the city, once again being pelted with stones and called foul names. She hid in the plains outside of the kingdom. Remembering the kingdom's hatred, she grew hateful of everyone in the kingdom and vowed someday to extract revenge.