Jude Chester was anything but innocent. In fact he was the epiphany of evil. He smoke, drank, cheated, corrupted and fucked like there was no tomorrow. But then Jude meets Liam; an angel walking among humans. Something so innocent and untouched that Jude must have him- even if that means going against his best friends wishes and breaking hearts as he goes.

Loud kissing could be heard from backstage- in one of the dressing rooms. The dressing room didn't have a name on it but everyone who was in that room. It was always the same person with a conquest. Tonight it was Lark- he's a well known conquest and he's favourite.

"Jude," A loud moan cut through the kissing and a drunken groan was all Lark got in response as he wrapped his hands in the black dyed hair that was Jude's. Lark was use to being treated as a sex toy by Jude. He didn't mind; he had taken the virginity of a very sexy very drunk Jude a couple years ago and it was like Jude's body never forgot that. Lark knows he didn't- thought of it every night and day. Lark hissed softly as Jude burned a trail of kisses across his chest and down his body.

Lark closed his eyes, his right hand still gripped tightly in Jude' hair as Jude slowly started to unbutton Lark's pants. "Excited?" Jude asked in a deep, sexy rumble as he chuckled at the sight of Lark lying spread out in front of him like a wanton bitch.

Lark nodded his head, biting his lip to keep from begging for Jude to take him. Images of Jude with other people suddenly flood Lark's mind; the girls and boys that Jude never forgets. Lark was just like them a toy. Never once did Jude ever remember what they did. Never once did Jude kiss Lark when he wasn't high, drunk or horny. Lark was forever a toy to Jude.

Lark felt cold air hit his lower regions making him shiver and open his eyes. He watched with almost sad eyes as Jude crawled up the length of his body, his blue eyes looking dark and sinful. There was a smirk dancing on Jude's lips and Lark never thought that a demon could look so sexy. The naked body of Jude's covers Lark's and as Jude finally reaches his face and pulls him into a kiss. He moves his hips sharply. Lark moans in pain and pleasure as Jude penetrates him.

Jude pulls away from Lark's lips to see Lark has closed his eyes. Lark's legs move to wrap around Jude's hips as Jude refuses to move. Lark knows what happens next- but he refuses to say it unless asked. "You're my fuck buddy right?" Jude asked running a hand through Lark's red hair. Jude doesn't sound drunk but Lark knows he is- the way his eyes won't focus and he's biting his lip.

Lark sighs jerking his hip up making Jude hiss, "Always and forever." Lark mumbles.