Recap: "You're my fuck buddy right?" Jude asked running a hand through Lark's red hair. Jude doesn't sound drunk but Lark knows he is- the way his eyes won't focus and he's biting his lip. Lark sighs jerking his hip up making Jude hiss, "Always and forever." Lark mumbles.

I walked to the back of the room winking at some of the pretty girls as I go. There was a new kid in the class. I heard about him coming last class but I didn't really care. My eyes moved away from the blond girl who was fucking me with her eyes to the back row which I usually occupied by myself. But today there was a small figure sitting in the spot beside my desk. I liked to call that spot my foot chair.

I glared at the head of brown hair as the boy frantically tried to copy what the teacher was saying. I don't like this new kid already but suddenly he looks up like he can feel my glare on him. I met the sight of a lightly tanned face and full pink lips that look so soft and kissable. I'm suddenly gazing into his eyes, eyes of green and gold. Eyes so hypnotic and gorgeous I nearly forget to breathe. The new kid smiles up at me and I'm snapped back into here and now through from my fantasy.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" I growl at the boy throwing myself into my seat.

The boy blushes and looks down, "The face of beauty." I hear the new kid mumble and I sigh angrily. Closing my eyes I pretended not to hear the boy. Blocking from my mind the sounds of the class room as well as the tent in my pant that I got from looking into those eyes and letting that voice run down me- it was smooth like liquid chocolate.

The bell rings and I peel my eye lids apart. The new kid had already left and so did most of the class. I was left alone with myself and a boner that was slowly returning. Sighing angrily I stand up from my chair and make my way past my teacher who waves me from the class room with a glare. He hates that I can pass his class without even study or paying any attention.

Walking into the busy hallways of the school I glance one way before glancing the other way to see Lark leaning on the way talking to the new kid. I glare at the boy as Lark turns to smile at me. Lark is my toy and I use him at will. He thinks I don't remember the nights we spend together when his light blue eyes are lust filled and he looks like a sinful angel as he writhes beneath me- but I do. I lick my lips horny from just thinking about taking Lark again. I lick my lips and he blushes.

"Umm… I'm going to go Lark." I turn to the voice and I remember the new kid. My eyes narrow into a glare again and I take the two steps closer to the two. The new kid glances up at me looking scared before looking down at his shoes. He moves to leave but my hand is fast and I catch his bag before he can go.

Turning him to face me I smirk. "Well, hello again." I say my voice dark and promising threats.

"Umm… hello?" the boy asked his face quickly darkening with a blush as he averts his golden eyes from me. I smirk at the frame of the tiny boy; steps stop behind me and I glance over to see Lark looking confused.

"Whatcha doing to Liam?" Lark asks looking up at me with his blue eyes.

"Liam?" I echo before looking back at the boy who nods meekly. "Well I was hoping Liam and I could talk for a bit." I say ruffling Liam's hair- like we are best buds.

"Ummm… I'm not sure if I can…" Liam starts to say.

"It's nothing big; I was just hoping we could study math afterschool?" I ask even though it sounds more like a statement.

Liam blinks up at me as he pushes his glasses up his nose. "I'm sure… we could... but…"

"Great!" I say interrupting as I slap his shoulder. "Come on, Lark." I say nodding in a vague direction. Turning I call over my shoulder, "We'll go to your house- met in that parking lot afterschool."


"See yah!" I say as I settle a hand over Lark's shoulder. We turn a corner and Lark looks at my arm before looking up at me.

"We are we going, Jude?" Lark sounds almost afraid to hear the answer.

"Going to find a closet for a quick fuck," I say looking down at him with a smirk. Lark rolls his eyes and I almost miss Liam's blush.

"You're always looking for a closet to fuck in; I'm surprised the janitors don't know about them." Lark replies in a snarky voice.

"Who says they don't?" I say winking at him before turning sharply and pulling him after me. The door closes and it's dark in the closet but I can feel Lark's warm hands on me. "You're always in such a hurry."

Warm lips are suddenly being pushing against mine, "And you always talk too much."

I chuckle letting my hands roam over Lark's body. "We know each other so well." I mutter before returning Lark's hot kiss.

Stepping out into the light, I blink as my eyes burn. "Whoa bright light," I groan squinting as I step away from the door to let Lark out.

"I hate fucking in a closet." Lark mutters as he buttons his shirt. I watch his perfect smooth skin disappear- almost sad to see it go. Lark runs a hand through his wavy red hair before looking back at me. He rolls his eyes, "Not another round."

I open my mouth to tell him that was not what I was thinking- though it was- when I'm interrupted by someone calling my name.

"Jude! Jude!" turning I see my girlfriend- Ami racing down the hallway towards me. Lark closes the door beside me as I take in Ami's outfit. A very tight white- almost see through- shirt and a short black skirt.

Pasting a smile on to my face I open my arms and move to meet Ami halfway. "Ami!" Catching the flying girl I spin us around once making her laugh. Once I come to a stop I pull her close for a quick kiss.

"I've been looking for you!" Ami says loudly as I take a step away from her. Ami's blonde hair in falling around her heart shape face and she gazes up at me with green eyes- pouting cutely.

"I've been here." I reply making Ami turn her eyes to Lark. Her green eyes darken and she glares. I turn a bit so I can see them both- standing in the middle of a fight. Lark glares back.

"Lark," Ami hisses. She knows about Lark being my fuck buddy and hates him for it- she thinks he is the only one.

"Amanda," Lark growls- making me think wishfully of our angry sex- Lark hates Ami just as much. I stand in between them; enjoying it with a smirk- I love it when they fight over me. "Stuck many things up your ass lately, Amanda?" Lark asked hissing out Ami's real name.

I chuckle softly before moving my eyes to Ami- who was seething in fury. "Shouldn't I be asking you that- it seems like you spend a lot of time with my boyfriend's dick up your ass."

"Ooooo!" I mutter looking back at Lark. Lark's blue eyes flicker to me in amusement and a smile twitches on his face. He loves pissing off Ami. He's suddenly beside me in two steps and before I know it he has his hand in my hair and is pulling me down to his lips. My lips touch his and I wrap my arms around his body pulling him closer. Lark's tongue slips into my mouth and I moan- I love it when Lark gets possessive he is so demanding; it turns me on.

Lark pulls away from me and I open my eyes slowly to see Lark smirking up at me as I pant- the tent obvious in my pants. I'm in a sex induced hazy and I lean my head into the crook of Lark's neck as he looks away, "You can't do that for him you frigid bitch. Maybe you should find someone who would actually like to fuck you."

"Jude!" I jerk away from Lark as Ami's loud voice snaps me from my lovely haze and my boner quickly disappears. Lark smirks at me and I glare at him before turning to my girlfriend. She's pouting again- always the spoiled brat, "This is childish- send Lark away."

I glance back at Lark and he raises and eyebrow at me. I smirk a bit before raising my arms in surrender. "I would love to get rid of Lark, Ami. But I'm not magical."

Ami made a whining noise in the back of her throat and stamped her foot. A soft voice suddenly cuts off Ami, "Lark."

All three of us turn to see Liam who had came up quietly behind us. Liam blushes as we all stare at him and I smirk as he looks down at his feet. "Oh hey there Liam- didn't hear you," Lark says in a gentle voice.

"Sorry- I'm just a bit lost and I heard you…um… guys…" Liam mumbles quietly before trailing off as his blush darkened.

"It's okay- I was leaving anyways." Lark replies glancing at me.

"See Jude you really are magical!" Ami screams before attaching herself to my arm.

I nod as I pull my arm from her, "I am Ami, but sadly I have to go. I will be seeing you later." I tell her in a sudden prim and proper way. Bowing to place a kiss on her lips I turn my back towards all of them. Walking away I call over my shoulder, "Lark, Liam- come with me." Lark follows like a faithful lapdog and I hear Liam hesitant for a moment before following as well.