Mason Selom. He had everything he needed in the world. He had money, power, control and the whole world at his feet. He had it all at the age of five. He was heir to the throne. Mason the man who had everything didn't need to listen to anyone.

But then he meets someone who changes his life. Someone who teaches him about the one thing he didn't have; love. But love isn't part of Mason's life plan and neither is Danny. Danny- his best friend, his only friend, his lover.

Bored. I am so very, very bored. I feel like listening to this teacher will make my head explode. Her voice is so very monotone and this lesson is so simple I had learned it four years ago. I don't like school and I don't understand why my father still insists on sending me to public school- I'm no peasant.

I'm sitting in the back of the class room hating being surrounded by these lowly simpletons and they know it. I've told each and every single person at this school that they are below me and they know I am right. They are dirty.

The one sitting beside me is sweaty, filthy, and panting. His hot, acrid, garlic breath is filling my space and ruining my air. He leans over to my desk and taps the top. I turn to look at him to see his dirty, fat, red face. He has food on the corner of his mouth. Pizza sauce and I can smell the pepperoni on his breath as well.

"Hey Mason- do you have a pencil I can borrow?" His sweaty hand presses on my desk and I feel his germs seeping closer to me. The sweaty ape projects his spit onto my desk and I feel angry that this ape thinks he can touch my desk.

I look at him and I take in his greasy hair, his pimply face and I sneer. "Get your filthy hand off my desk you simpleton. I don't have a pencil you can borrow because A- I don't want your germs, B- You can't afford the pencils I own, C- You can't afford to get my pencil cleaned either, D- I don't want to." I stand up and glare down at the boy who recoils from me. I could get rid of him with a snap of my finger. "Lastly you don't deserve to breathe my air nor touch anything of mine."

The boy looks up at me and he looks afraid. I'm not longer bored though. I smile done at the boy and he looks like he is about to wet himself. No wait he just did.

"Now get your fucking hand off my desk." I growled at the boy who was frozen in fear. I love being angry it always ends with fun.

I walk into the office and without fail Dolly waves from where she is sitting behind the office counter on the phone. "Back again, Mason?"

I smile at Dolly as the door closes behind me. Dolly in one of the secretaries and she is one of the only people in this school who is nearly at the same level at me. "Hello, Dolly." I call to her ignoring the fact that she is on the phone, hopping up on to the counter a turn to face her. "This school is so boring, Dolly."

Dolly holds up one finger and types something into her computer. "Thank you, goodbye." Dolly hangs up the phone and smiles up at me. Dolly is rather pretty for her old age. She is about forty six. The bright red lip stick she is wearing highlights her wrinkles and makes her look wise as she smiles at me. "I know that darling. The day just seems to drag on for many long hours."

I lean back on the counter folding my arms behind my head and crossing my right leg over my left. "Amuse me, Dolly."

Dolly gets up and swats at my legs. I uncross my legs and let them fall. "I'd love to darling but I'm busy. I do have a book you can read."

I sit up and look at Dolly in excitement. "Really, how many pages?"

Dolly goes back to her desk and picks up a thick book. "768 pages- you read the last one in seventeen minutes."

I take the book from Dolly smiling as I hope off the counter and move to sit in the chair that Dolly reserves just for me. "I'll have it finished in thirteen minutes."

"How will you do that?" Dolly asked sitting back at her desk.

I looked at Dolly and smiled, "Its' simple- I'm brilliant."

That was ten years ago. I finished the book in those thirteen minutes and I had to wait seven more minutes to be called to see the principal. I was suspended from school that day- I never saw Dolly again. I've been to thirty different public schools, twelve private schools and I've lived in twenty different cities, nine new countries. I've also been assaulted twenty- three private tutors.

Every place I've been to I've been surrounded by peasants and people who aren't worth being in my very presence Egotistical- you will call me. Wrong- you will be. I am heir to the throne of this world. Now tell me you aren't a peasant because I'd love to prove you wrong.

I'm back in home town and my father (the current king) is trying to find me another private tutor; even though I am eighteen. So far he hasn't found anybody that wants to even bother trying to deal with Prince Mason. Which is fine with me- I don't want to deal with incompetent simpletons either.

But that matters not right now because I am bored again. I'm perched in a tree lying across a branch. I'm high up in the tree but low enough that I can still hear everything that is happening below me. Birds are singing above me and sometimes I'll pull my bow back and letting an arrow fly. The bird would squawk and fall to the ground. I'll take them back to the chef who will gut and cook it for me. I've got two robins so far and ten finches.

The tree I am in is my favourite because it's at the edge of the lake and its' branches (like the one I'm on) span over the lake and give me a great view of my lake. I own this lake- just as much as I own the forest. The lake is called Lake Mason and the forest is called Selom's forest. No one is aloud in my lake. The forest is open to the public but you can only enter my lake with my permission if not you will be killed on sight.

A laugh suddenly echoes through the forest. I sit up in semi- interest and turn to look over my clearing. A squeal suddenly cuts off the laughter and the squeal is cut short by loud splashing in my lake. Looking through the leaves I see a little blonde girl pop up from the water, she floats in the water smiling and laughing.

I shake my head watching the blonde hair of the girl bob up and down. It's such a shame that a little girl's life was going to be cut short. I load my bow and take aim. I smirk – I'm not longer bored. I'm about to fire when more splashing fills the lake.

"Danny, you're so mean." The girl yells, when she is suddenly being thrown in the air and is caught by a boy who had black hair. The boy- Danny I would assume- was smiling and laughing. I lower my bow and watch as Danny hugs the girl close to him.

"But Sammy- being mean is fun." Danny replies as the bushes around them rustle. They don't notice but I do and I turn to the west smiling as I go. I lift my bow again. Here was my cure for boredom. I tune out the two wet and laughing people and zoom in on the sound. I ignore the bushes that were just moving with the wind to where a sword is poking from.

Aiming into the bush I shift the arrow down a bit so that the shot wouldn't be deadly. Releasing the string I watch my arrow fly through the air. Moving quickly I reload my bow and turn to the north were another bush is moving against the wind. I release the string again and hear the guard grunt in pain.

Smiling I place two arrows in the bow before turning to the east. I release the two arrows- hitting the last guards. Looking back at the lake I lower my bow again. Danny is walking out the lake his wet clothes clinging to him as he carries Sammy out of the lake. Sammy is coughing.

"I'm sorry, Sammy. I forgot your pills." Danny says quietly as he soothes hair from Sammy's face.

Sammy stops coughing and wraps her arms around Danny's neck leaning closer to press a kiss to his cheek. "Its' okay, Danny. I still had fun. This was the best birthday ever."

I watch the two of them go back the way they had came. Danny flicks hair from his face and I watch him as he smiles down at the girl. A long moment after they have gone I realise I'm still staring after the two. The sun has started to set and I can already feel my father's anger from where I am. But those moments when I watching Danny leave- I wasn't bored- that was the longest I had gone without being bored.