I smirk at the familiar sound of my furious father. Standing on the branch I step out to the end and do a swan dive off. Splashing into the water I shiver at the now cold water. Swimming back to the surface I splash through the top to see my father standing at the edge of the lake.

"Hi dad," I call as I lean back, floating. I know for a fact that my father won't come into the water because he is in his royal gown and because it's my lake and even he needs my permission.

"Mason, you've injured four guards and set fire to the stables." My father said to me.

"Did I really? I've had a busy day today." I call back lightly kicking the water so I'd move around the water.

"Mason, you can't stay on the lake forever." My father says crossing his arms in front of him.

"I can try." I yelled.

"Fine, if you want to be childish. Guards surround the board of the lake. If Mason leaves the lake arrest him and bring him to me!" Father turns from me and waves the guards around the lake.

"Really, Father, is this what it has come to?" I call before sinking into the water already knowing my father's answer. I pop back out of the water and see my father walking away. "Good night Father!" My father waves back at me as I lean back on the water and watch as the sun sets in the next twenty minutes. By the time the sun has set I've bobbed up and down in the water five times and the guards are use to it.

I sink into the water and I swim down to the bottom. Once I reach the bottom I turn to the left and swim into a tunnel that I had built when I was younger- the year after the lake was named mine. I swim for a while and by the time my lungs feel like they are going to burst I swim to the surface. I reach the surface in a couple a seconds and take a deep breath as I climb up the stairs that I dug into the underground lake that is underneath my bed room.

Peeling my clothes off I throw them on the floor. I know my private maid will pick them up. Dropping my bow and quiver I pad on the cold tiled floor for five seconds before walking into my sitting room that is heated. The door closes and beside it is my butler- Joseph.

"Prince Mason, I hear you were using guards as target practice again." Joseph says as he steps forward with my robe. I let him drape my deep blue rope over my shoulders slipping my arms into the sleeves.

"I wasn't for your information. I saved some people who were trespassing in my lake." I say as I step away from Joseph.

"Really, Prince - that doesn't sound like you." Joseph says before picking up my folded and dry clothes.

I shake my head and walk over to the mirror. "I know it's rather curious but it was interesting." I look at my reflection. I stare at myself; my green eyes staring at me. My red hair is curly and wet. Shaking my head I make water splash everywhere.

Joseph pauses and glares at me - I see him in the mirror and I smirk. "Prince Mason, here are your clothes and your schedule for the evening is the normal." I nod at Joseph and he places them on the mantle near me before turning to leave.

"Joseph," I call back to him making Joseph pause. "I need you to do a search for a teenage boy named Danny- his name may also be Daniel." I say moving to flick hair from my face as Joseph comes back with a warm towel. I take the towel and run it through my hair.

"I think there is only one Daniel in town. I believe he lives in the orphanage." Joseph says pulling a draw open and pulling my brush out.

"I didn't know we had an orphanage." I say as I take the brush. "I can dress myself Joseph. Find any and all information on him." I tell Joseph waving a hand at him in dismissal. Joseph bows before turning and walking away. I watch him in the mirror as I brush my hair. Joseph closes the door behind him and I strip off my robe and get dressed.

Walking out of my sitting room I walk into the bedroom part of my cave and throw myself on my bed. I lie there for a long second before sitting up again. I'm bored. Glancing around my near empty room- there was nothing here to entertain me. Sighing in disdain I stand up and start pacing.

Bored. Bored. Bored. I stop walking after pacing through my room five times. A smile comes to my face and I move towards the back of my room. Passing under an arch I step into a mini kitchen I bypass the table and make my way to a cupboard. Pulling the oak door open I see at the sight of some of my weapons glinting from being freshly polished. Pulling out my second favourite sword I pull on the sheath.

Balancing the sword in my hand I make my way to the pulley system that I had made. There was a wooden box and bags of sand both in and outside the box. To make the system work I'd place my weight (via bags of sand) outside the box and then I'd place another bag to take me to the floor I needed. One bag would take me up one floor. Two would take me up two floors and so on.

Stepping into my pulley system or Lifter I drop the sand bags that I needed outside of the Lifter and as it dropped the box part started to raise. I placed my sword in its sheath as I raced past the first floor where my proper bedroom and the dining room I hate sitting in are. I race past more insignificant floors before the Lifter starts to slow as it reaches the roof- my final destination.

I don't waiting for the box to come to a full stop rather I jump from it as it's still moving. My heart is pounding in my chest as I fly through the air. I do a flip and my feet land on the tiled roof. I smirk as I pad slowly across the roof and I see guards standing at posts further away from me were the flags showed where they should be. I move closer to both then I see who is on the left and I don't even bother with the one on the right.

My father had put Yusuf on long range- it was what he was good at but Father never let him train with hand to hand combat. He was an easy target for me. I stand from my slight crouch and make my way over to Yusuf pulling my sword from its sheath. My sword makes the slight noise as it leaves my sheath and Yusuf twitches- slightly paranoid because of bad eyesight. Yusuf needs to be on the ground.

"Yusuf," I call to the man who whips around to great me. I smile at him as he frowns before bowing in the slightly movement- and lowering his long bow.

"Prince Mason."

"No bowing Yusuf- you know why I am here." I stated as I move closer to Mason.

Yusuf swallows loudly, "Yes,"

"Good- now put the bow down and draw your sword." I order him watching as he does what I say quickly- but not quick enough. I lunge at him with my sword and he has to dodge it not ready for my sudden attack. I smirk before turning back again slashing to the right. Yusuf dodges me again and I shake my head at him. "Come now Yusuf- I know you can fight: so fight me."

"But Prince Mason!" Yusuf says in exasperation. The other guard hears and swings to face us. I heard an arrow thud into the room close to my foot.

Both Yusuf and I look over at Jamal who looks more angry then nervous. He never liked me because he was convinced I had 'stolen his sister's innocence. Rather it was offered to me.

"Hello Jamal." I say with a pleasant smile- which usually just infuriates people more.

"I'm going to kill you- you son of a bitch!" Jamal said angrily as he loads another arrow.

"First; my mom is not a bitch." I turn to Yusuf suddenly and grab his shirt pulling him close for a kiss. He gasps in shock and I run my tongue over his lips. I moved slightly and when I pull away Yusuf is between Jamal and I. Yusuf's brown eyes are dazed as I bring my sword across his front. He jerks in pain as he yelps and bucks over. "Second; don't take your eyes off your opponent." I look at Jamal who is frozen as he watches Yusuf kneel before me. "Lastly; don't be so obvious about your affections."

I pull a throwing dagger from my belt and throw it at Jamal. Turning from him I hear the blade hit its mark- his shoulder. I take a running start before leaping from the room. I can hear the faint familiar three chimes of communication going off as arrows fly towards me as I fall head first towards the ground.

I flip in the air and land softly on the bridge in a crouch. Standing slowly I dust invisible dust from me as I hear the guards yelling at each other.

"We are under attack!"

"Under attack? Who is attacking us?"

"I bet it's the Barbadians."

"No, it is just one man!|

"God no!"

"Is it friendly fire?"

"It's Prince Mason!"

I sigh as I placed my sword back into its sheath. "You know you can just call me Mason?"

The guards turn towards me in a comical way and take in the surprised faces of the six new guards and the frustrated faces of the other six guards. One of the new guards loads his bow and I smile as another steps closer- trying to seem tough.

"Why are you doing this, Mason?" He asked the slight tremor noticeable.

My smile widened, "Because I'm bored."

I watch the one who had his loaded bow ready and I see his muscles tense. I rushed towards the guard that had stepped close to me one of my throwing daggers out and I cut his arm before he can pull out his shoulder. Spinning quickly I catch his other shoulder too before pulling out two more throwing daggers. I hid the archer in the knee with the dagger as he releases the arrow he goes down.

The older guards already have their swords drawn and rush me. I smile before dance through the six guards hitting each and every one of their weakness. Malcolm's is just below his wrist, Alfred's is the back of his calf, Lenard is his defense, Stephen is his offense (I like pairing them together because it makes it more interesting), Richard never thinks ahead and I always surprise him, and lastly James is always letting me when I invade the castle (he is the only real opponent I have in the castle).

After I leave a trail of the older guards I catch the arrow and pull a compactable bow from my pocket it glides up and I aim it up. Releases the bow I watch as the young guard glance up in confusion as I start walking slowly towards them. "I love the newbies." I say making them jump as they scrambled to pull out their swords. "It means fresh meat." I said with a wick smiled.

The bravest one of them smiled weakly at me, "Well you're an idiot, and you just shot you're arrow into the air!" The other guards chuckled slightly as he moved closer to me. "Like that really did us any harm! No wonder you got kicked out of school…" The guard paused as I pointed up he looked up and I watched his eyes go wide as large bird swopped down to attack him.

He screamed and I watched in amusement as it chased him. He continued to scream as the bird attacked him. "It's just a scratch I'd be more worried about the poison in its beak. I called to him watching the last three guards back away. "Oh no- you aren't going anywhere." I called to them as I threw my daggers behind me where I heard them hit the bird and the coward. "If you do not fight me you will be killed. Now come here and fight me." I told them darkly even as I smiled and pulled my sword out.

I wasn't bored anymore.