My name is Edward, but you can call me Eddie. I was a loner my whole life and I was okay with that. I mean I had friends but they never lasted long. I made some of my best friends in my junior year of high school. We were all different and we met by chance. We met by shoes, shoes that we all wore.

Converses, the best (though slightly uncomfortable) shoes in the world, we all wore them. These are stories of how we met and challenges we overcame. These are stories from the Allstars. That's what we were- Allstars.

There were thirteen of us in total. I was Eddie- the boy who loved and there was Melody (the shy one), Danny Price (the hustler), David (who knew all), Evelyn Drako (the goth), Jenny (the prep), Toby (the giant), Lily (cape girl), Maksim (the transfer from Russia), Godfrey (the hippy), Abi (the storyteller), O'Brien (the nameless boy), and Pete- the pirate.

Before we start with the Allstars stories we met me- Eddie and we met Ross. Ross was someone you should avoid but I wasn't lucky enough to have that information- but I didn't mind.