Chapter One- New Kid

I was the new kid at my school. I'm sure you've all been there but most of you find a group of friends or people that you fit in with and you grow out of the label 'new kid'. But of course I didn't- my family moved to a small town and there were rarely any new kids so I was the new kid for a year. A whole year I was known as the new kid. I was ignored by my peers and adored by my teachers.

I really didn't mind being ignored by my peers. They were pretty weird and some of the social interaction that went on just looked fright and contained a lot of spit swapping. I spent most of my free time in the library and met two of the thirteen people who would soon become my friends there.

I guess you could say I was a teacher's pet but I really don't like labels so I never called myself that or a nerd. No one else called me a nerd until I met Ross and that was the day I found out that being a nerd wasn't the greatest thing in the world.

The first thing I remembered just before I met Ross was pain; I was slammed into a locker in the empty hall. Pain flashed up my back as the metal dug into my back. I had yelped in pain and surprise at the first contact. I now opened my eyes to see my hair hand fallen in front of my eyes and there were three guys towering over me.

Well the two guys who were around the one in the middle towered over me and the boy in the middle; who looked to be about my height. The one in the middle had blonde hair with a fringe that fell in front of his hazel eyes which were dark with chaos as he smirked.

"Hello, new kid," the one in the middle drawled darkly sending a dark shiver of fear up my spine. I swallowed that emotion and felt a familiar calm sweep over me. The hallway was empty it because I had stayed late to help a teacher.

I moaned softly as I stood from the ground where I had slid to. I dusted myself off before looking up at the three. I eyed the two tall guys who looked alike (brown eyes, brown buzz cuts, high foreheads and square chins) they stood like statues gazing at nothing- not the brains of the group; most like the muscles. I guessed before glancing back at the boy in the middle.

I smiled and it caught him by surprise. He frowned, "Hello, my name is Eddie." I said moving to pick up my bag from the floor. I saw the boy in the middle flick his hand from the corner of my eyes and suddenly I was being pressed against the locker by the other two. My short feet dangled off the ground as one of the two boys delivered a painful blow to my gut making me gasp as all the breath left me.

"Nice to meet you, Eddie," the other boy said and I assumed he was the leader. I could see him standing just behind the two that held me to the locker. He nodded at them the smirk from before back on his face, "These are the twins Bert and Sam." He nodded at each in turn.

Bert was on my left and Sam was the one posed to strike. There was nothing different about the twins at first glance but I noticed up close- Bert was shorter, he's hair was a bit red-ish and he's eyes had a bit of green in them. Sam was taller, he's hair had a bit of black in it and he had a tiny beauty mark on his right cheek. "Hello Bert, Hello Sam," I said quietly nodding to each in turn.

Bert grunted and I noticed Sam hesitated a second before landing another blow on me. I winced in pain- trying to curl into myself. I flipped my black hair from my face and I saw the leader move closer to me.

"I am Ross." He said glancing away from me, "I've heard that you are the teacher's pet and since my last nerd has moved away- you will replace them. Since you're so fucking smart you get to do my homework."

"Umm... I don't think..." I started to say but before I could finish Ross snapped angrily at me.

"No one asked you to talk!" Bert and Sam reacted perfectly to Ross' yelling by slamming me into the locker, making me groan again. Ross snapped his finger twice and Bert and Sam backed away dropping me. I landed on the hard tile floor with a thud, squeezing my eyes shut in pain.

I heard sneakers scuff the floor and opened my eyes to see black pumas before Ross kneeled beside me- smirking, "You'll do my homework and get me an 'A'. My last nerd had a system- learn it, do it; have my homework done by tomorrow morning." Ross said his eyes flashing, "Meet me at my locker 8 sharp every morning." I nodded my pounding head. Ross smiled a near sincere smile before patting my cheek, "You'll make a good nerd."

Ross stood up and I moved myself into a semi-sitting position. Ross pulled a red binder from his bag and tossed it near my feet. "That's my homework. Finish it all." Ross said pulling his bag on and starting to walk away. "My locker number is in there. Be gentle boys." Ross called glancing back at me as the twins descended on me, "Don't ruin he's pretty little face." Ross smirked and he's laughter danced around me and then there was pain.