He arrived into this world

On the warm may wind

All ice and fair skinned

They said: theres a bull born

Through years of contempt and scorn

And only time, so unforgiving

Added to his sorrow and his aching

The grass was always pink to him

The sky was always black and grim

She was made as a lesson

Their love was instant and brazen

Shameless in its potency

His touch was filled to brim with urgency

But the lesson was clear

"you cant catch a shooting star my dear"

She whispered through her heartbreak

Was it a dream was it all fake?

HIs playful eyes turned bleak that day

His warmth from the minds of mid may

Dissolved into the winter fury

He filled the hole in his heart in a hurry

She watches him, drowned in sadness

The twinkle in his eyes replaced by madness

He was just a sweet child born in mid may

The person she knew, gone away