You gaze down with devious smiles and touch with earnest hands

And although your blood boils I can tell you're nervous

The wild winds scurry and the moon shines mischieveously tonight

I'm eager to start I need you to hold me down tight

My lips on yours and air is futile I've left you breathless

You're too in control and I'm left helpless

My chest rises and falls quick, I've got plans for you

And maybe you'll guess my tricks but thers nothing left to do

But let me at you, consume you, couldnt stop me if you tried

Just pray for release, when else have you felt this alive?

Bite down had, sink your teeth into the flesh that burns in pain

My mind is swimming now, my thoughts insane

Hit after hit of thunder on your windowsill and we math the rhythm

Selfishly I expted this and you deliver

Kerosine lips trail down and burn the skin raw

Unspoken but we both know we'll come back for more