Human Wreck

Human Wreck

I'm a human wreck,

That's what I am

Shamed to the neck

By a creation called man

You might think what I mean

By a human wreck

Is a man whose body not lean,

And bruised and scarred to the neck.

But to me in this, is something less,

Then what previously described,

To me it's a man's disgrace,

As a reject, loathed and denied.

Torn away from friends in society,

I've no refuge. Even in mind,

Torn away from love in society,

I've got no place to run and hide.

People dismiss me like a retard,

They think they can give me a miss.

What they've done to me is hard.

What have I done to deserve this?

People don't like having me around,

They never bring me anywhere.

I can't feel safe on any ground.

Rejection lurks everywhere.

People believe that I can't do nothing,

People believe I've done for.

They assume I've no meaning,

They won't give a snore.

I'm avoided,




Will you have some sympathy?

Will you have humility?

I doubt it. No one does,

No one will for me.