some shatter effortlessly, some take time

the shards fly into all directions

flying, may never be found

finding the pieces is a long painful task

in the shadows they hide

though sometimes the give themselves up

give themselves up so they can be restored

restored to their original state

but they must know they will never be the same

you can glue the splinters back together

but the cracks still remain

as if reminding the owner that their pain must be felt

they are there as a constant reminder of the hammer

the hammer that can crush an unbreakable stone into nonrecognition

the hammer that has claimed many victims and still goes on

the stone wants only one

when that one leaves it is rare it finds a replacement

but when it does it isn't like the other

it covers the cracks the hammer made

but some still manage to wiggle out of the patchwork

the patchwork of bandages that only two stones together can make

it will constantly ache

ache as though it demands to never be forgotten

the owner can never forget the unjust hammer