The Devil's Angel

T.K. Anez


Two civilizations exist beneath the Kingdom of Heaven, inhabited by two races much like our own. There are the Men of Earth, who live and toil on the land beneath the clouds, and the Demons of Hell, who live beneath the surface. With us, the Angels of Heaven, there are three races. Though the Creator crafted us equally, over time, it was clear that he favored man, abandoning the demons and leaving the angels to look over his favorite children. Jealous of their hold over the Creator, demons have spent thousands of years trying to wipe out men. They shake the earth to demolish the land, unleash disease to weaken mankind and destroy foodstock, and plant dark thoughts in the minds of men in hopes that man will destroy itself with war. It is our duty as angels to keep the demons at bay, so that man can prosper as the Creator intended.

Furthermore, like two sides of a coin, each angel has a demonic counterpart in the Wastelands of Hell. For some, destiny will bring these two together. When that happens, the angel and demon must participate in a fight to the death, as no such creatures may be allowed to coexist. For this reason, us angels are meant to train in combat from a young age, so that when the times comes for angels and demons to battle, we will be ready.

Author's Note: Hey guys! You might know me from my other story I have up on here, Ishiki. I was inspired to try writing two genres I've never tried before, romance and fantasy. Maybe it's the whole 50 Shades craze or something :P Anyway, leave me a review and hopefully I'll have the next chapter up soon :)

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