No, don't you take one step closer
My heart is so close to opening up
No, I can't take that chance
I can't give you the chance to tear me up

I'm begging on my knees
Stop trying to bring down my walls
Stop trying to draw those three words from my lips
I've been so safe inside myself

You might say I'm beautiful
But you haven't seen me on the inside
You haven't seen all the scars, all the lies, all the pain
My outside might look tough, but on the inside I'm raw

I cry so many tears you've never seen
'Cause being vulnerable is one of my worst fears
My deep insecurity is something I can't place on your shoulders
Truth stains my tongue, but white lies dance on my lips

Just believe me when I say I'm okay
Don't try to decipher my eyes
Stop trying to break the code
My heart just can't take the hacking