Sink your teeth deeper into the flesh that's used to pain

Shut your eyes to the prize before you waiting to be slain

Let's stop this second hand from stealing our only moment

And strike me with such force as to end this shameless torment

My mind echoes back my groans and gasps for grateful air

You hit me like a tidal wave; before sweet death, a little prayer

We've got mere seconds to act out this ballet of lust

And I'll recklessly allow myself to trust

I foresee betrayal but feel my knees go weak regardless

A true heart and a false one feel similar in the darkness

My thoughts fly through my mind a million miles a second

And not one of them seems important now so I leave them neglected

I'll save us both the trouble of figuring this out

We turn into different creatures when it's skin on skin and eyes cloud

Who we are or were before this instance isn't as crucial

As who we become in pursuit of each other's approval.