All the stars are looking blue,

They're tired of burning for me and you.

Flickering, fading..

They're getting ready to fall,

From the sky to burn my hands;

They left scars I couldn't see.

Icy, dusty streams of comet,

Plummet into my stratosphere.

The sky is crawling around to dusk,

And the milky way melts into our oxygen;

It's so thick we can barely breathe.

Solar friction is irritating the thunder,

With earsplitting cracks, bolts of light strike down.

Humidity clung to the clouds with static,

So heavy with acid rain, they set it free,

Stinging my eyes until I couldn't see the end.

We're choking up 'cause this is it;

When we collapsed, I couldn't feel.

Cosmic embers are falling away,

Ultraviolet colored my skin shades of grey.

You're crying beside me;

Your tears hold the weight of what's happening.

I can't feel my hand that's shaking;

I know we're shedding into dust.

Into the wind, our cold ashes drift away..

All that's left are vast clouds of gas and debris,

Though chemicals spark and energy begins to burn;

Helium forges in the heart of a light,

Hydrogen atoms combine.

Under a new sky without "life",

Millions of stars are born again.