"Aristotle does NOT have a six pack," I snorted, twiddling my pencil with my fingers. Alicia, my best friend, sighed and continued eating her sandwich.

"That image of the statue says otherwise!" she protested, turning on her phone and shoving the picture into my face. I laughed and pushed it back, wondering why on Earth she cared so much.

"Even if Aristotle did have a six pack, why would you want a sixty year old dude to have one anyway? Unless...holy cow Alicia, I didn't know you were into older guys," I said slyly, watching as the blonde's face turned bright red, before she slammed her hands down onto the table, making the whole cafeteria go silent.

"I just want to make sure I'm worshipping a fit philosopher! If Aristotle doesn't have a six pack, then he can kiss my butt goodbye!" she yelled, panting after her rant had ended.


A single guffaw of laughter rung around the cafeteria. Alicia's face got even pinker, so I turned around and joined in with the laughter.

The hottest dude in the school, and me, the lowly bottom feeder, were laughing. Together.

Never thought I'd see the day!

You see, that whole hierarchy shit existed in this hellhole of a school, and everyone complied. I never bothered trying to converse with the 'popular, kiss my feet' rich people, so I would be dismissed as a lowly piece of meat.

The funny thing was, the 'King' of the school, was a middle class, happens-to-be-smokin'-hot dude who had the 'mysterious aura' going on, and barely said anything. Except now.

Heh heh.

Oh, and Alicia had major crush on him, which added to the humiliation.

The cafeteria was still really silent, so me and Zachary Raven's - hottie/king - laughs stuck out like a sore thumb. I got up, grabbed Alicia's hand, and dragged her out of the room, nodding at Zach, who, as well as me, had a small smile on his face.

Well, Zach Raven is really something, isn't he?

Raven black hair, piercing blue eyes, sharp jawline. Even his nose was perfect!
Aye, shoot me with Cupid's arrow! I may be in love!


I will never interfere with Alicia's pathetic excuse of a lovelife, and no way in hell will I interfere with Zach.

1) He is on the top of the school hierarchy thingamabob

2) He has a girlfriend

3) I can't give a rats arse to follow him round. Waste of my time. He isn't really to my appeal.

His girlfriend is actually a really sweet girl - not one of the those ice bitches. So naturally, her and me are 'secret best friends'. Natalie is a petite girl with chestnut hair, doe brown eyes, dimples.

Aaah, so cute!

Can't see what the hell she's doing with Zach, but whatever floats her boat, I guess.

Alicia snapped me out of my thoughts by shaking me.

"What the hell were you thinking? You laughed along with ZACHARAY RAVEN... and you were laughing at me! My poor heart is wounded! Aristotle, hear my cries and tell me your words of wisdom!"

I spluttered into more laughter. That's the thing with Ali - she is actually being serious when she says that kind of stuff. Overly dramatic, but people love her all the same!

Alicia is quite high on the hierarchy triangle. She's under Zachary Raven's rich followers with nose jobs. Which is very high, come to think about it.

So when her friends found out that I was her best friend, they shrieked in anger, but since Ali is so rich, they can't argue.


My phone buzzed and I rummaged through my pockets, and when I read the text I smiled a little smile.

Rocky:) says:

Hey rhea wuu2. me and my gf just came bak frm london and those girls are fiiiit but i didnt tell leah that ;)

"Who's that?" Alicia said, peering at my phone.

I chuckled, before replying, "Rocky."

Rocky was my other best friend, who was usually horny and had a sweet girlfriend who he continually called 'My widdle Lee', just wind the poor girl up.

Rocky's real name was Rocco, like in the film Rocky, and was a usual partier. Ali and I were the only people who knew the real Rocco - apart from Leah of course. The real Rocco liked Star Trek and spoke Klingon all the freakin' time, just to wind us up.

He usually did a good job of that.

He was also three years older than us - that meant he was twenty.

Flippin' hell, he's got the maturity rate of a five year old, and he's older than us!

I quickly replied and snapped my phone shut, shoving it into my bag and following Alicia back into the cafeteria, which had resumed to its usual chatter. We sat down and Alicia timidly took a small bite into her turkey and peanut butter sandwich.

Yeah, it's gross I know, but Ali's always been peculiar.

So while we were laughing about random what-nots, a dark shadow loomed over us.

"Wow, either someone's really large and standing over me, holding a knife and is about to murder me, or we just have dodgy weather," I said cheerfully, ignoring Alicia's wide eyes and pale face. Turning around, I came face to face with Zach. Again.

"Gajeezus Raven, imagine seeing you! Again! What such a lovely *cough* surprise! Alicia's underwear must be facing tsunamis after seeing you next to her!" I said slyly, watching as Alicia's face went from red to purple. Zach chuckled in his usual, hot way, and I got up, sauntering off.

"Remember to play safe kiddies! Ali has condoms in her bag!" I yelled, making the whole dining room erupt into laughter. Smirking, I walked off, but not before a hand was placed on my shoulder.

"I wasn't here to see the bimbo, kid, I was here to see you," he whispered hotly into my ear. Narrowing my eyes, I whipped around and slapped him across the face. Gasps echoed through the school as I stepped closer to him.

"Don't ever called Ali that, you son of a bitch. I don't know what Natalie sees in you, but I sure as hell know it can't be your personality. If you call Alicia that, at least know she isn't a fake follower - she's genuinely smart and gorgeous. If you want to say those words again, remember that I do judo, Raven."

I left the hall feeling proud of myself.

Ali ran towards me, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Rhea, I love you so much in a non-lesbian way!" she said, clinging to my arm and sniffling. I smiled tightly and we walked back to class.

Zachary Raven lounged outside class, watching his so-called friends take long drags of their cigarettes.

"Rhea did it, man. She's the untouchable," Ricky, Zach's childhood friend said. Zach and Ricky were the only ones who didn't smoke, but they damn well didn't stop their friends from doing it.

"I know. She had the nerve to slap me and bring Natalie up," he drawled, picking up his sketchpad, drawing the outline of his girlfriend. Ricky sighed, and placed an hand on his arm.

"Dude, if you're not careful, then Natalie's gonna be in trouble. You can't do that do her, man," he hissed. Zach turned to face his best friend, his eyebrows creased with worry.

"I told her to stay at home. She knows about me, Ricky. And if things go accordingly, Rhea will be roped into the situation and things will end well."

The two of them shut up after that.



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